Autopilot for DJI Drones

Autopilot for DJI Drones

By Auto Flight Logic

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-03-22
  • Current Version: 4.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 160.26 MB
  • Developer: Auto Flight Logic
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 504 Ratings


Fly like a professional - capturing smooth, perfectly framed, and visually stunning imagery. With autonomous and semi-autonomous flight modes, Autopilot enables you to execute flight and camera control sequences that were previously too difficult or impossible to perform manually. Autopilot has been extensively field tested, with over 200,000 flights in 195 countries. Autopilot is compatible with the Inspire 2, Inspire 1 (Regular, Pro, Raw, XT), Phantom 4 (Professional, Standard), Phantom 3 (Professional, Advanced, Standard), Matrice (600, 200, 100), and N3/A3/A2. **Important** Make sure to view the full system requirements at before purchasing. Also, all in-app purchases have been disabled, even though the App Store listing still shows that the app has in-app purchases. App Features: - Selectable Modes: Select a Flight Control Mode that best suits your needs for a given flight plan. New Modes will be released over time. - Flight School: Make safety a priority and increase your situational awareness. Flight School was created with hundreds of hours of real-world flight testing and consultation with professional pilots. - Motion Tracking: Use GPS to make your aircraft Follow you. Autopilot can even use Image Recognition in GPS denied situations via the Pattern Strategy in Focus Mode. - Point-of-Interest: Select a point-of-interest for the Focus Subject, Orbit Center, Target Mark, Zip Line Point, or Intercept Origin. - Airspace: Connect one or more devices and/or aircraft in an Airspace to share locations information which can be used for Point-of-Interest. - Flight Dashboard: Monitor all the details of your flight, including telemetry, live video, and Google Maps with offline caching. - Pre-Flight Planning: Set Mode Controls before flying to save battery power, and save a Flight Plan to repeat the same flight multiple times. - User Accounts: Create a free Autopilot user account to enable syncing Flight Plans across devices. - Flight Recorder: Automatically record audio, settings, telemetry, commands, and control inputs in the same way a black box does on a modern airliner. - Barometric Altimeter: Take advantage of the barometer on newer iOS devices for increased accuracy in altimeter readings. - Background Execution: Multi-task with other apps or lock your phone while Autopilot continues to execute in the background. - Integration: Use Autopilot with services you already love such as AirMap, Healthy Drones and Drone Logbook. Modes: - Black Box: Fly the aircraft with the Remote Control while Autopilot records audio and flight telemetry. - Focus: Fly the aircraft with the Remote Control while Autopilot controls the gimbal. Use the Inspire 1 to enable yaw in addition to pitch. - Follow: Autopilot directs the aircraft to follow your device at a specified Bearing Angle, Altitude and Distance. - Orbit: Orbit builds on Follow, adding a Bearing Angle that continually changes based on a Clockwise or Counterclockwise Pattern. - Target: Autopilot directs the aircraft to fly to a Mark location and altitude. - Zip Line: Zip Line builds on Target by adding a second point which defines a line that the aircraft can travel along. - Pano: Pano builds on Target by capturing a series of photos that can be stitched into a panorama. - Waypoint: Waypoint builds on Zip Line by adding multiple points which define a path that the aircraft can travel along. - Cruise: Fly the aircraft with the Remote Control while Autopilot uses one or more strategies to control the throttle, pitch/roll, and yaw. - Mimic: Tilt your device in any direction. The aircraft will mimic the tilting motion of the device to the directed pitch and roll. - Intercept: Point your device in any direction as if it were a laser pointer. The aircraft will intersect the imaginary laser created by your device.



  • Powerful app

    By Cluny The Scourge
    Great support as well. Easiest to use tutorial that I’ve seen.
  • Too buggy

    By xtrmtrk
    I really want to use and like Autopilot, I even bought an iPad mini just to use it; but in its current form it’s just too buggy. The four biggest issues as of now are: 1) The app crashes almost every time you try to switch into a map view while flying. 2) The app can put your system in a state where you can not control your drone (not even RTH) with the RC controller and you have to unplug your smart device from the controller to regain control. 3) More than half the time when you try to enter the Flight Dashboard you can not due to the flight restrictions screen. Other times, in the exact same location you can. Playing with the Sport switch on the controller sometimes, but not always, helps. Same with restarting the app (scary when in flight). 4) Not as serious, but the app doesn’t work well with the iPhone X - the “notch” blocks out information on the Flight Dashboard. All of these issues lead me to wonder if development and bug fixing are continuing on this app. I love the features of Autopilot, especially the ability to modify waypoints, camera angles, vectors and all the other flight parameters on the fly. But I simply can not trust the app with an expensive drone in its current state.
  • Powerful tool for my business!

    By Jackson512
    I have really come to appreciate Autopilot as a very powerful tool for my business. This app allows you to save missions and share them in addition to providing full flexibility and control during the actual flight. It’s got a lot to offer which does require some up front prep, but it’s virtually limitless as far as flight modes and other capabilities.
  • Spark user disappointed

    By h@bu
    I bough this knowing it offered a hdr option for panoramic shots. Went to use and found out they don’t support this feature on the spark even though the drone is capable of doing it. Was disappointed as this was the sole reason for purchasing. Also the documentation and info available is HORRENDOUS!!!!!!! I’m sure the program is great for other things and seemed stable but is confusing to use and there are no good sources of info (especially their own YouTube videos). One star because it didn’t mention a specific feature was not supported on a drone that said was supported and is capable of doing that feature. I did not have any flight issues with the program and seemed to control the drone well but again due to the absolute lack of instructions actually getting it to do what you want it to do is a nightmare.
  • Love it!

    By Blitz Babula
    This is a great drone app, it does a lot, it take time to learn so watch the videos for each section. My favorites are the waypoints and zip line.
  • No iPhone X Support and no plans to support it

    By xLocstax
    Telemetry data is missing on the left side of the screen when in landscape mode. I reached out to support and asked for an ETA on iPhone X support and they basically said they have no ETA. Horrible support for an app I paid $30 for.
  • Please update for iPhone X

    By pablo escko
    1. Telemtery data covered with the notch when in landscape mode. 2. Lot’s of crashes
  • Bad joke

    By Cascade Falls
    This is someone’s bad fantasy. No printable documentation or realistic support. Another time consuming sinkhole. Stick with DGI go........

    By Ssy3, Salman
    I have Phantom 4 and this app just disappointed me! * Hard to learn * App get crashed every time while mission is running * Very expensive and poor quality * Free apps better than this one * Full of bugs
  • Great upgrade for DJI Spark

    By Ballmatic
    All I’ve wanted is the “Follow Me” feature that the Mavic has on my Spark. Autopilot allows me to do this with so many different settings! I love it!