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Cryptomator makes your cloud storage trustworthy. The app encrypts files on your mobile device before they are uploaded to your cloud. Even if a third party gained unauthorized access to your files (e.g., hacker attack), your files are secure from prying eyes. SIMPLICITY Cryptomator has been developed with a strong focus on user-friendliness. • Simply create a vault and assign a password • No additional account or configuration needed • Unlock vaults with Touch ID / Face ID COMPATIBILITY Cryptomator is compatible with the most commonly used cloud storages and available for all major operating systems. • Compatible with iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and WebDAV-based cloud storage services • Access your vaults on all your mobile devices and computers SECURITY Cryptomator for iOS is based on the solid open-source foundation of Cryptomator for Desktop. • File content and filename encryption with AES and 256 bit key length • Vault password is secured with scrypt for enhanced brute-force resistance • Vaults are automatically locked after sending app to background • Crypto implementation is based on the open-source library Obj-C Cryptor and is publicly documented GENERAL AWESOMENESS Cryptomator received the CeBIT Innovation Award 2016 for Usable Security and Privacy. We're proud to provide security and privacy for hundreds of thousands of Cryptomator users. CRYPTOMATOR COMMUNITY Join the Cryptomator Community and participate in the conversations with other Cryptomator users: • Follow us on Twitter @Cryptomator • Like us on Facebook /Cryptomator



  • Easy setup with a google drive!

    By Fairly Tech Savvy
    Nice app and straight forward interfaces. Like how easy it is to hook up to google drive and the Touch ID login is a definite bonus. Hopefully other cloud drive option like will be made available in the near future.
  • Close, but not quite good enough

    By Y2Kbotz
    I should start by saying that Cryptomator is perfect on desktop; my issue is in iOS. You can’t actually edit files in cryptomator in iOS. You can view them in the cryptomator app, but to edit them you have to download the file, edit it, then re-upload it to cryptomator and delete the old version. This process almost defeats the purpose, since there is always an unencrypted version of the file available on your phone (or on iCloud if you’re not careful), and really should be fixed. It’s an issue that’s been known since February 2018 at least, so it’s pretty unacceptable that it’s still an issue.
  • Awesome client side encryption

    By dimroc
    Also supports Touch ID
  • ICloud not working

    By BitchyMe
    I bought this app especially for iCloud but it is not working. Finally it is useless for me. FYI there is not support unless you pay for a Pro support. Will ask Apple for a refund.
  • Broken on Linux

    By MaybeTinEar
    Avoid this garbage. For months they have known Linux support, which is an advertised feature, to be completely broken on the most popular Linux distributions. Consider the project abandoned, a failure.
  • Close to perfect.

    By johnrfowler
    My only gripe with the iOS version is the inability to download files onto my device while keeping them in an encrypted vault. I often work and travel in bandwidth constrained environments (remote locations with no signal, flying without wifi, etc) and can’t use Cryptomator because I’m not connected to the internet. I don’t want to download unencrypted versions of the files from Crypomator partitions onto my device due to their sensitive nature, though. Being able to store encrypted files locally with Cryptomator would make it the ultimate secure storage solution for me.
  • OwnCloud

    By 3ecure
    I bough this app in mistake, someone told me I can use it with my ownCloud but unfortunately it’s not working with ownCloud, tried to contact the support but till now didn’t heard anything, hope someone read my msg and reply back.
  • Top 5 Must Have Apps!

    This should be standard for anyone serious about encryption. Easy to use. Easy to set up. I love this app!
  • Does not integrate with ios 11 files app

    By Nmigoski
    It is annoying to edit files stored in a vault because they have to be copied locally to the device, edited, then copied back into the vault, also when accessing the vault from multiple devices, changes appeared not to sync, deleted files were still there on other devices. I expected better integration from a paid app.
  • Works great except not from Files app

    By djronh1
    Works great except can’t launch from iOS Files app. Also would like to see 1Password integration into unlock vault screen. Plenty of apps allow single click to get passwords from 1Password