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Download the CycleBar App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this Android App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view location and contact information. You can also click through to our Facebook page! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your Android! Download this App today! Find your location at:



  • App improvements

    By chad1289
    Thoughts for the app: I would like to know if I’m improving. Maybe a graph showing calories burned per trip, or rank per class could give me insight into my health. I would like to think each time go visit, I’m a little stronger and can output more energy.
  • Fix this App!!!!

    By ruthyfbaby
    Truly the worst. All of a sudden, for inexplicable reasons, my log in won’t work on the app (but still does on the CB website). And it was awful before then: wouldn’t show me what classes I was registered for; wouldn’t let me cancel a class through the app. How hard could it be to improve this! I used a similar app for Pure Barre and it worked great!
  • Only half helpful.

    By PortlandGirl503
    I love CycleBar. But this app is painful. I frequently have to use a web browser still to register. I am unable to switch between locations and it is very annoying. Other issues as well. I am still using the app, but looking forward to improvements.
  • Who Built This?

    By verifiedpurchase
    Was this some kid’s high school project? Constant crashes, blank screens, and unexpected behaviors. Disappointing.
  • Good classes. Terrible app!

    By Marli63
    The app doesn’t fill my screen. When login fails, there are no user controls to back out of the login screen so the app has to be forced to quit.
  • Useless

    By Emwinch31
    This app doesn’t even have my city in it, and the website isn’t really made for a phone so I have to schedule everything from a computer..
  • Trouble logging in

    By krobertson11
    This app will not allow me to log in once i switched cyclebar locations. I am able to login just fine on using an internet browser but the log in on the app says “login failed” every time even though I am using the same login information. Very frustrating.
  • App so bad...

    By eastlake2010
    This app is so bad, I’m considering cancelling my Cycle Bar membership. Impossible to use - it constantly crashes at start-up or during navigation, or fails to load the reservation page. It looks like it hasn’t been update in 6 months which is terrible. Simple app stability isn’t that much to ask. Please do something!
  • Classes don’t cross to my calendar

    By RWardRN
    Please fix this! Classes don’t appear on calendar.
  • Not letting me log in app

    By Caroooo8
    I changed my password and now can’t log on the app.... I have to arrange all of my classes on desktop, which is really inconvenient when I’m on the go.