Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket

By Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

Score: 4
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Create - anytime, anywhere. App Store Editors Choice and App Store Best of 2015 in eight countries. Procreate Pocket is a feature-rich painting app designed exclusively for iPhone. Quickly get started wherever inspiration strikes with everything you need to create stunning paintings, drawings, and illustrations. Powered by the same groundbreaking 64-bit Silica engine as Apple Design Award-winning Procreate for iPad, Procreate Pocket squeezes every ounce of power out of your hardware. Free up your canvas while you're painting with Procreate Palette, a free app for your Apple Watch. Procreate Palette gives you quick access to the core tools and colors right there on your wrist. Procreate Pocket 1.6 introduces exciting features for devices with 3D Touch. You can now paint with pressure sensitivity using your finger or a passive stylus. Increasing the amount of pressure in your stroke can increase the brush size or opacity. You can also hold the Procreate Pocket icon on the Home screen to instantly create a new canvas. Procreate Pocket is packed full of tools and adjustments for creating amazing artwork. • Beautiful drawing tools - 12 specially made brushes for illustration and concept sketching - Download and import thousands of custom Procreate brushes - Pressure sensitivity for devices with 3D Touch - Persistent precision brush sliders for rapid brush and opacity adjustment • Studio-grade features - Powered by the acclaimed 64-bit Silica painting engine - Optimized for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus - 64-bit color for professional accuracy - Never worry about making mistakes with 250 levels of undo - Continuous auto-save so your work is always preserved - 4K Cinema Canvas for iPhone 5 and above • Full layering system - Dynamic layer caps offer as many layers as possible for your iPhone hardware - Lock your layer transparency with a single swipe - Create, merge, delete and adjust opacity of layers - 18 layer Blend Modes for perfect compositing • Redefined tools - Move, distort & shear - Non-uniform and uniform transformation - ColorDrop
- ColorDrop threshold - Freehand selection tool - Quick duplicate selection • GPU accelerated filters - Gaussian Blur - Sharpen - Hue, Saturation, Brightness - Curves • 1080p video recording - Procreate records your every stroke without interruption or delay • Sharing - Multiple file formats including .procreate, PSD, JPG and 24-bit PNG - iCloud Drive - AirDrop - Print via AirPrint



  • Good, BUT image quality BAD

    By Jillian$$$$
    I genuinely enjoy this app however two main things are bothering me. 1. Quality of drawing: when zooming in everything is severely pixelated and just awful. Adobedraw does not do this, I know it is possible for this to be fixed. 2. Line size: It would be lovely if the size of the drawing pens could go a bit smaller. It is difficult to do thin line art by constantly erasing half of the lines to achieve a thinner and less noticeable line art. I do want to say this is a very fun app to use!! Thank you for making one of the only decent drawing apps available to iPhones.
  • Brushes

    By It's Mee 💁
    So can I not download brushes ??
  • Not as good as the full app

    By xxviixxviisoho
    While my iPad is out of service I decided to give the otherwise 5 Star drawing app PROcreate a go with my iPhone X. While I absolutely love the design, feel, and fluidity of the app on my iPad it’s lacking on the smaller counterpart. The lack of support for the iPhone X and loss of screen space to draw is a shame. Not to mention the absence of better hand commands. I’m not looking to draw a masterpiece here, but it’d be nice if there were some elements imported from your main app. Also app support added for those using iPhone X’s. Decent app still, but nothing compared to your full app.
  • It’s too boxy

    By Kaity-kun
    Everything is kinda square, and when you want to move a small part, you move the whole layer. Boo
  • Canvas size

    By oahuboypug
    This would get a 5 star review but.... wish I can change the canvas size 😂. Other than that.... you should definitely get this app 😂. *you can change the canvas size in Procreate just not Procreate pocket*
  • Really great for its price

    By Dezchameleon
    I absolutely love this app. It’s limited in functionality compared to the ipad version, but the fact that I can draw and paint on the go with my phone is great. Most of the tools feel pretty natural. I think that for a 3$ price tag, it’s completely worth it. So far I have not experienced any major crashes or bugs.
  • Yikes

    By eskyler
    I deleted this immediately. I wish I could get a refund. It simply wasn’t worth it.
  • Worth 5 stars

    By JoshJB95
    Those who say this app is not good or give it a bad review, haven’t given it a chance or don’t know how to use its full potential if you ask me. This app is the perfect drawing app for any artist who actually has the time and patience to work on something. I learned how to use layering, texture, smoothing, and a lot more all by myself actually. The only thing I searched up was where to import new brush types and that’s all on the procreate website. I’ve made a good amount of things already and some were not outlines of drawing what I’ve drawn on actual paper. If you plan on drawing an outline of a picture you import, then I suggest you make using layers your bestfriend. This app works if you put the effort to work with it. The app is worth paying for even if it was $10.
  • Love the app, but ruined my drawing.

    By Ultrimate man
    I was trying to draw a zombie for fun. I draw it but glitches me out of the app. Then I go back and half of the picture is missing by this rectangular looking shape that’s permanent on the picture. I was very upset this happened and would appreciate if it was fixed.

    By artist#1
    This app hasn’t been updated in years which is sad since it could be the premiere iPhone app, just like its iPad version. However, it is missing a couple of important things, such as being able to CREATE CUSTOM CANVAS SIZES and adding MORE DEFAULT BRUSHES!! This isn't a lot to ask for, so hopefully these features can be added before the end of the decade.