Reeder 3

Reeder 3

By Silvio Rizzi

  • Category: News
  • Release Date: 2013-09-12
  • Current Version: 3.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 11.45 MB
  • Developer: Silvio Rizzi
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,772 Ratings


Reeder 3, a news reader with support for multiple services like - Feedbin - Feedly - Feed Wrangler - Fever - FeedHQ - Inoreader - NewsBlur - Minimal Reader - The Old Reader - BazQux Reader - Instapaper. Don't want to use a third-party service? Reeder also supports local/standalone RSS (no sync). Themes: - Light - Classic (iPad only) - Dark (night reading) - White (more contrast) - Black (more contract, night reading) Sharing services: - Safari Reading List - Buffer - Instapaper - Pocket - Evernote - Pinboard - Twitter - Facebook - Messages - Mail ...and more via sharing extensions.



  • The perfect RSS app

    By djcaston
    I’ve been subscribing to RSS feeds for over a decade and have used quite a few apps over the years. I’ve found that everyone wants different things when it comes to an RSS reader, so it’s not always best to recommend the same one to everyone. Reeder is, to me, the best RSS reading application that I’ve ever used. In certain ways it is delightful. It has a good selection of fonts, plenty of customization for line height and width, an enormous selection of third party service integrations, and endless customization with regard to how many articles are saved, what gets cached, what third party services get displayed when you click the share button, and settings for many other little attributes of the application. In other ways, it’s perfectly transparent. It’s lightning fast, the organization model is sensible and intuitive, the gestures are customizable and natural, and the UI allows you to focus purely on the content. The fact that it has a Mac app as well is a major positive for anyone that reads from their computer. Everything gets synchronized between the applications and it makes it super easy to just pick up reading on whatever device you want to read from at that moment. Reeder is probably for you if: - You’re not interested in an algorithm determining what things you would be interested in because you already did that with your own brain when you added the RSS feed url to the app - You’re not interested in an algorithm pushing certain stories to the top of the list because you just want to go through a chronological list of articles and decide what you want to read yourself. - You follow a large quantity of feeds or have a lot of articles per day (Reeder is still excellent with smaller lists, but it does excel with high volumes of content where other apps fail) - You like to be able to choose between serif or sans-serif fonts and customize line height and text size - You use third party services for saving articles - You just want something that is the best possible version of an RSS READER. Not some weird service that fills up your page with non-chronological, algorithmically sorted blocks of giant pictures with no text, that you then have to click on to see anything of use. I have tried Unread as well but it lacks in customization, makes weird decisions with themes and fonts, and has a tendency to be slow in weird ways (like long transitions and seemingly long amounts of time between a tap and the associated event occurring).
  • bad customer support and barely no space for customization

    By jdkwoksna
    I’m always careful to give a negative review because I know how important a review means for indie iOS developers... Sorry, no, not this time. I’ve heard that reeder is a prestigious and great app, in the domain of rss reader. But it just turns out to be a totally disappointment. You have to follow the design choice of the developer, there’re some options that you can tweak in setting page, but that’s even far from the minimum. If you are not satisfied with some UX logic? Most likely you’ll have to get used to it(with some bugs that appear randomly). What’s worse, developer never replies your email! Hence 2 stars, I’m not giving 1 star because, well, at least it’s a working app.
  • Definitely the best RSS reader

    By doctorclack
    Tons of features and a great design. I use this app every day and prefer it's user experience to feedly or Flipboard.
  • Lack of notifications is a deal-breaker

    By ramseyben
    I purchased this app because of the integration with Feedly, and I mistakenly believed Reeder would provide the one piece missing from the Feedly app: push notifications. I like the design and interface of Reeder, but for me, it does not provide any additional features that make it worth using instead of the Feedly app. If I used multiple services and wanted to combine them into one app, this would fit the bill, but I only use Feedly, and I was looking for push notifications, which Feedly does not provide. As a result, I wasted $5 to find out this app does not provide the functionality I was searching for.
  • Not supporting LTR languages

    By Sahand.javid
    I used to love this app. There is a big issue with LTR language feeds with this app. I sent couple of emails in the last 7 years of being user of reeder, got no responds and no fixes.
  • No import of OPML

    By A usenetter
    From what I can tell of the sparse documentation, I cannot see any way to import OPML newsfeed lists. I wrote them asking about this, but never received a reply after several weeks. With poor documentation, poor import capabilities and nonexistent support, stay away from this app.
  • Wish the mobilizer icon was lower.

    By AdmiralHuey
    I’ve been using this app for forever. It’s great. Now that there are larger iPhones, I find myself really wishing that the Mobilizer button was lower on the screen. It is near impossible to hit one handed without invoking reachability. I wish I could swap it with one of the buttons lower in the interface, such as the button that toggles whether or not the article is starred. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  • Full featured and usable

    By Gabe Roth
    Update: Still works great. I use it every day. I especially like the ability to customize the right-swipe and left-swipe gestures—I use right for Mark As Read and left for Save to Instapaper. Also the Mercury Reader feature is an easy way to work around partial-text feeds. My favorite RSS app. Thanks for the update!
  • Good but still the same

    By dsemaya
    I bought this app years ago and use it daily. It’s the best mobile RSS reader on any platform. However it hasn’t really changed much. Aside from iPhone X support, which is good, the app looks and feels a lot like the same app I first purchased in 2011. While this app was a pioneer using swipe gestures early on, it hasn’t added haptic feedback to any of the gestures so it’s hard to discern if you’ve triggered them. By comparison, Apple’s built in Mail app has had haptics for horizontal swipe gestures for a while. Reeder feels out of place on iPhone since it doesn’t support this. Feedbin’s web interface makes it quick and easy to access recently read articles (sometimes you accidentally tap away from an article and it’s hard to find it again). Reeder doesn’t have any way to access this list. The Mercury Parser button is poorly positioned at the top of the article. This is difficult to reach when using the phone one handed, especially since so much of iOS is now centered around the bottom of the screen. I use that button more frequently than any of the 5 buttons at the bottom of the article yet I can’t customize that toolbar. And yes, I’m away of the ability to pinch to access the parser but that gesture isn’t possible with only one thumb. The parser feature is great and I’m grateful that Readability was quickly replaced by Mercury parser when it was discontinued. However the column text width is a bit narrower than Safari’s reader view. This narrow column looks more awkward on iPhone X. An edge-to-edge column would be better, especially when the background is black. I use the app in black mode at all times. It looks great on iPhone X’s OLED screen. However the built in browser has a big white bar at the top that doesn’t go away when reading an article, even when Safari reader is set to black as well. It seems that Reeder’s color themes don’t carry over to the built in browser. UPDATE: The browser is now dark gray when the rest of the UI is black. Really? That’s not how OLEDs work. Gray pixels are still illuminated. Black pixels are off. Lowering my rating since this change is a big middle finger to my request. I’d gladly pay for access to premium experience features like these. It’s nice that one $5 purchase has given me 6 years of use but I also want the option of more functionality and a better user experience.
  • Please!

    By Dieqoclavijo
    It needs a way to save easily articles to the reader we use like pocket or instapaper.