The ACIM App

The ACIM App

By ClarityWorks Software LLC

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-07-27
  • Current Version: 1.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 36.40 MB
  • Developer: ClarityWorks Software LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 121 Ratings


For over 40 years A Course In Miracles (ACIM) has shown millions how to live their best life by bringing them balance, peace, and love to this hectic world. Designed as a series of 365 daily lessons, each bringing you closer to your true spirit, A Course In Miracles is a unique and powerful non-denominational spiritual tool. The ACIM App is all you need to study A Course In Miracles. It includes all three Course In Miracles books and incorporates them into the most complete app designed to support A Course In Miracles student. For most people the most difficult aspect of A Course In Miracles is remembering to think about and practice their daily lesson throughout the day—a process that teaches you how to embrace and live the miracles that are a natural part of your daily life. The ACIM App was designed to help you with this practice while fully supporting A Course In Miracles study program. The ACIM App is available for all your iOS devices with one purchase. It includes the features that every Course In Miracles student needs: • The complete Text, Workbook, and Manual for Teachers from A Course in Miracles. • An interface that allows you to quickly access the Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers, a notepad, a recorder, and reminders. • Lesson reminders that you can set with discrete alarms—as many as you’d like throughout the day—with your own customized message or quotes from A Course In Miracles popping up on your device. • A daily notification that displays that day’s Workbook lesson each morning. • The ability to take both written and voice notes while studying the lessons. Why is the ACIM App a leader in A Course In Miracles study tools? The ACIM App was designed by Silicon Valley software designers and developers who are also A Course In Miracles practitioners. The ACIM App is designed to allow the user to fully interact with A Course In Miracles teachings in a way that leads you to your truest self. Using The ACIM App Awakening to your best life is a skill, and like any skill, the more you practice the better you get. The ACIM App allows you to set a variety of subtle, calming reminder-tones. When you stop and reconnect with the day’s lesson, even for a breath or two, you become imbued with a sense of peace and connection that will carry you through your day. After using the app for a few days the tones themselves quickly bring your mind back into the heart of the lessons. The ACIM App provides a notepad and an audio recording/playback for each lesson. Taking notes and customizing your daily affirmation allows you to formulate the images and words that speak directly to your mind and deepen your understanding of the readings. Recording an affirmation in your own voice strengthens and embodies the lesson as you walk through your magnificent day. There is a reason that ACIM has been recommended by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Eckhardt Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Gabriella Bernstein and Wayne Dyer. As The Course says, it only takes a “little willingness” to take you as far as you want with your life. Each day that you work with The ACIM App, life gets a more peaceful and a more joyful as your thoughts move away from fear and toward love. All it takes is a little practice!



  • I Love This App

    By Visuddha
    I use this app every day. I love that it reminds me of the lesson of the day. Actually ... the reminders has stopped for some time, and when they started again, I felt like Jesus was calling me back to the Course :) I love being able to easily flip between the workbook, text, and manual for teachers. I feel as though my study has depended, thanks to my ability to very easily contemplate these different facets of the teachings and see how they enhance each other. Thank you to the original receivers of this powerful, clear Voice for God, AND to the developers of this app!!
  • Solid, easy to use app

    By skadelig
    This app works well without a bunch of frills. It’s. Straightforward way to read and use the Course workbook. I love the daily workbook and the fact that I can set it to push through each morning with my newest exercise. Drawbacks: I have to reset the reminder every day instead of it holding over from the previous time. Also, I believe there’s no way to take “notes” within the text with a tab, highlight, or something. But again this is a solid basic app that I use almost daily and recommend for people who want to incorporate the Course into their life in an ongoing way.
  • Reminders

    By MaadCapBeatz
    Being new to the course, I find the daily texts to be quite thought provoking. I want the reminders to be fixed so that I can practice the exercises throughout the day. I find this quite inconvenient that I cannot set the alarm on the app. I have even downloaded the workbook app and the reminder on that does not work. Please fix this. In order to change my thought process, as the course says it will, I do need reminders throughout my busy day.
  • Excellent

    By GinaTheWriter
    More people may be inclined to go through TCIM in its entirety, with this convenient version of it. I love holding a book in my hand, but since we all are married to our smart phones for the most part, this app give a super easy way, mucho easy, to keep up with the lessons and read the text. I’m very grateful for this app. Before I knew it, I am already on lesson 21 ( today!). It feels like it’s become a habit!
  • A great way to stay close to the lessons and text

    By Tobias7000
    This app is a blessing. Thank you for the dedication to bring this to us.
  • Wonderful App - 95% there.

    By Pmcpatty
    I really like having The Course in Miracles portable. It does need a highlight feature, but even better would be an audio feature I could play whenever - working in the garden, driving on a long trip, etc. What an amazing gift Jesus has given us - this is what he tried to teach the Apostles while he was here, but they did not have the benefit of the Spirit of Truth until after Pentecost. This is Jesus’s personal gift to the Urantia Revelation. The Urantia Book gives us the answers to our questions of Who, What and Why, but The Course in Miracles is the individual “How” to grow the soul.
  • Great App

    By iambold
    This App is great and makes studying the course so much easier. Like so many of the other reviews, my only suggestion is to add more options/versatility to the “reminders” part of the app.
  • It’s a miracle to a miracle!

    By chase now
    Five reasons for five stars: Contains the three books. Reliable Reminders with tranquil tones. Adjustable Fonts. Simple to use:tap, swipe, scroll. My most often used app for dispelling all my worries and finding my way back to the peace of God.
  • The best but needs improvement

    By Duffy456
    I have purchased and tried out several of the ACIM apps and I've found this one to be the easiest to use. This app has help me commit to a daily practice, and remember to do the practice throughout the day, for the past three years. Pros Having a timer to remind me to do the lessons throughout the day. The ability to set the timer for different lengths of time The general ease of navigating the app Cons The steps to setting the timer are too many and need to be reduced to one click. It's too easy to accidentally hit the lesson button and then have to scroll all the way through the lessons to get back to the one you were on. Very annoying!
  • Love it.

    By Bvng
    Wonderfully developed to help everyone find their way with this course.