Food Servings

Food Servings

By Alexander Solís

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2013-07-17
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.03 MB
  • Developer: Alexander Solís
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 12 Ratings


Food Servings, is an app based on the Food Exchange List System that keeps track of the food that is consumed daily. The Food Exchange List system is easier to use than the traditional calorie counter system and makes it a fast alternative to make sure you are eating right. If you already have a nutritional plan based on the Food Exchange List system, this app will be a great tool for you. Features: - Keep track of what you eat during the day in a fast and easy way. - Track your water consumption. - Check you week progress by reviewing the chart of calories consumed daily. - Use the food list included in the app to add food that you ate. The list can be expanded by the user adding more foods to it. - Use the nutrition facts to food exchange values converter to add new foods to the list. - Generate your own nutritional plan by setting the goal you would like to achieve (e.g. lose, gain or maintain weight) * - If you already have a nutritional plan based on the food exchange system, you can configure the app to use it. (*) it is recommended to get a nutritional plan from a dietitian if you have an illness that requires an special diet, or you age is below 15 years old or above 65 years old.



  • What I've been looking for for 7 years!

    By Dorayp
    I had no idea how bad I was at calculating my exchanges. This app does all the work for me and it's an eye opener. I don't understand why everyone is upset about the short list of foods. I would much rather add the foods I actually eat using the calculator than guess and try to match things up with the creators of the app. Once the food is in, you're done for the future! Please keep this app up to date. It's a winner!
  • Please do not get this app

    By Elsa ejorde
    It's frustrating it's complicated and you can't find your food I can't even find an avocado to get the calories and mean it's really doesn't work
  • Not what I expected

    By Luvdalawd
    Basically the ap requires a lot of work from you. Most common entries are not available so you need another ap to gauge calories and other nutrients to properly count food components.
  • Tracker

    By kelljas1
    Don't waste you money the program does not work. At setting it would not let me set up my Kcal count for the day. It worked if you were under 250lb and 65 years old or younger. Otherwise it's useless. I thought the program would help me. Does not do what it says it will do. Very weak app. wish I could get money back. 😡
  • Calculator and tracker are great, list is not

    By Loughaire
    I've been using the exchange system only for a month or so and was extremely frustrated with the lack of user- and wallet-friendly apps that would help me. This is the best one I could find it so far. Positives: 1) a calculator. Not sure of the exchange values? Plug in the nutrition information, and voilà! 2) simple tracker. Hit a plus or minus on each food category or add a food from your list, done. Negatives: 1) the food list is TINY. You basically have to create your own from scratch. 2) I find myself needing to use another app to keep track of the actual foods I'm eating, as this one only tracks the exchange totals for the whole day. When you add a food to this, it only adds the appropriate fats/starches/etc total to your count. 3) if I add a custom food to my list, it is there forever. I made some mistakes and pushed save too soon, but now I can't go back and edit or delete them.
  • Needs two updates

    By Bugabrat
    The idea is great! I needed an app like this to accompany my food log app. The creator must be using a really high calorie amount, because I am always off from 125-200 calories a day. I use 80 for carbs, 50 fat, and 45 protein. I wish I could set that to match my dietician recommendations. Also I wish I could export this to a spreadsheet to talk to my dietician about.
  • Can you call it a list?

    By Kalasinski
    Was really excited about this app. Thought that maybe it didn't have any reviews yet because it was too new. However, the"list" of foods is so incredibly limited and poorly made up that I literally couldn't even use it for one day. It's obvious that this was created by someone not living in USA, as bananas and berries aren't even on the list, but mamons and loquats are...... While it is possible to add foods to the list, as a paying consumer, we shouldn't have to. Other apps have extensive food lists, and even a barcode scanning option. This app is a wonderful idea. I really hope that it continues to develop and becomes user friendly around the world. However, until that happens, I don't think they should be charging for it.
  • Really easy to use

    By Rick Sylvain
    I've always preferred the exchange method for food planning and weight loss (I wish Weight Watchers still used this method). I especially like that, unlike other food trackers, you don't have to enter the exact food you ate- you can just + or - each exchange. That makes it way easier for me.
  • Apologies on last review

    By Ripped off and suspicious
    I'd like to correct my earlier one-star negative review about the "save" feature and suggest that developer add an explanation of how it works to the Tutorial. You should wait until the end of the day to save your entries if you want to see your progress by category throughout the day. When you hit "save," the day's results are cleared from the "Today" screen, making you think initially that all the entries have been lost. In reality, upon saving, the information is immediately transferred to the "Progress" screen, where the servings/exchanges have been translated into total kcals for the day. The kcals are displayed in a bar graph that allows you to compare daily calories consumed for the past week. But no record is kept of exchanges/servings consumed that would allow you to compare various categories from day to day. Also, the list of foods provided is rather limited, but the serving calculations for "new foods" seems to work well if you can provide the nutrition info from food labels or recipes. Finally, there is no contact info for App Support, and the website listed does not exist--which is a concern. Making a few more tweaks to the tutorial to explain the "save" feature, plus adding the ability to record and compare daily food serving categories, and developing a more extensive foods database, this app has great potential. -- No longer feeling Ripped Off
  • Simple and honest

    By Tryingtobefit
    Great app if you like to follow exchanges. Plugs in 'combo foods' for you. Also let's you add food and calculate exchange values of foods. Only reason didn't give it 5 stars- needs section to track water.