AA App - 12 Steps Alcoholics

AA App - 12 Steps Alcoholics


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My Spiritual Toolkit (MST) - The AA App that makes it convenient and easy for you and other members of Alcoholics Anonymous to work the 12 steps, Steps 10 & 11 on a daily basis to keep you from relapsing back into active alcoholism. We are not cured of alcoholism. What we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition. This app helps US maintain THAT spiritual condition. MST is the ORIGINAL 12 Step Toolkit AA App created over 5 years ago for people in recovery to make it easier for you and other members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to get your daily reprieve and maintain your spiritual condition. Resentment is the number one offender. Now you can get rid of your resentments fast with the Spot Check Inventory tool that’s mentioned in Step 10 of the Twelve and Twelve to help with our daily ups and downs, especially those where people or new events throw us off balance and tempt us to make mistakes. Do you do a Nightly Inventory as suggested in Step 11 of the Big Book before retiring each night? You should and now It’s EASY! Just answer 10 simple questions straight from the Big Book and you’re done! * Read the AA Daily Reflections Fast! Quickly get your daily reflection for the day direct from the Alcoholics Anonymous website. Just because you’re a recovering alcoholic doesn't mean life will slow down. Instead it will move forward, and so must you. Often times moving forward means being on the constant go. In effect, this means that if you’re using journaling as part of your recovery, then you don’t have time to sit down and write your feelings out. There’s another problem that arises with paper journaling: privacy. If you mistakenly leave your journal out, someone might “accidentally” read it. Although a journal is a private matter and it’s likely closed, people nowadays will still somehow invite themselves to opening your journal; thus, reading your private thoughts. FEATURES: • JOURNAL With the journal, you simply type in an entry. Whatever you want to express – anger, sadness, joy, etc. – do so with the assurance that your thoughts will remain private. This is because all data is encrypted; you’re the only person who will have access to it. If you want to add an extra sense of security for your own peace of mind, create a fictitious name. Remember, however, that you’re the only writer and reader in MST’s journal. In addition, you can edit and delete entries at any time. • SPOT CHECK INVENTORIES - With Spot Check Inventories, this is an opportunity to quickly express your resentment. When you’re angry, you need to dispose this emotion fast so that it won’t eat at your soul throughout the remainder of the day. • SOBRIETY CALCULATOR - View your length of sobriety each time the app is opened • ANONYMOUS ICON - To protect anonymity, the actual app icon does not show references to AA How MST Gives You Privacy While MST eliminates the possibility of losing your journal, it’s even better that it gives you something more priceless: privacy. As mentioned earlier, all data is encrypted and password protected. Using the same security as banks, your data is transmitted over SSL. So, go ahead, write whatever you’re feeling. Whether you hate your spouse, feel attracted to someone else, tempted to slap your boss … whatever, just type in your journal without the fear of being discovered and judged. Conclusion With the help of journaling, you’re accomplishing the hard task of recovering from alcoholism. Don’t sacrifice journaling by not having time. And don’t lose your privacy by having it invaded. Instead gain convenience and privacy while on the go with the MST App and Myspiritualtoolkit.com. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA) DOES NOT ENDORSE NOR IS IT AFFILIATED WITH MY SPIRITUAL TOOLKIT (MST). Hardship discounts are available for the In App Purchases. Just email me: nathan@myspiritualtoolkit.com



  • Spiritual toolkit Indeed

    By rhansen2000
    What a wonderful application! It flawlessly provides five different AA prayers as well as portions from the big book that are instructional upon awakening. Direct access to Daily Reflections is also a timesaver. Thank you!
  • Incredible

    By K Gras
    Love this app, wish I would’ve learned about it sooner. It’s perfect to start & end my day, plus logging my nightly inventories will make it easier to send them to my sponsor. Grateful for its creation 🙏🏻🔺❤️
  • Awesome App

    By steffcha
    This app assists me each morning and evening. I set an intention each morning with the Daily Reflection, On Awakening, and prayers. In the evening, I conclude my day with and inventory and more prayer. I am grateful for this app and I recommend it often to fellows IRL.
  • Very handy and simple to use.

    By Jed Deep
    The title says it all...
  • Just what I needed!

    By HollyCardone
    I want to journal every day and this app has journal pages. My mind moves faster than the pen but I can type pretty fast and this app is great for the journal pages. For the $10 I unlocked the pro features and was able to share my gratitude list with my sponsor and sponsee sisters on our gratitude thread. I haven’t tired the spot-check inventory or the 10th step inventory but I’ll be using those as well! I love that they added the Thomas Merton prayer to the prayers offered. They could add the Set Aside prayer. That would round out the prayers nicely. Great App. Thanks so much!
  • Spot inventory

    By neraknosnhoj
    I love this app but wish it had an extended 3rd column available
  • Good

    By Lilly Peoples
    This is a great app. Unfortunately I purchased the 9.99 version and don’t see the value at all in it. Perhaps I’m missing something - because the Gratitude List is the only additional part I received extra. I do appreciate the basics though.
  • Solid app

    By AaronHughling
    I just ask that you guys add the Set Aside prayer in the Prayers section.
  • A Newbie’s View

    By JRMkids
    The night I did a Third Step Prayer my sponsor introduced me to this app. I had no idea on many of the categories. For example; What is a spot check? However, as I played around and viewed the various items I soon realized what the value of such a simple tool can be and how useful it will be for my sobriety. It is very easy to use. Thank you for it’s development. The only suggestion is to provide a way to edit after an item is saved to correct “fat finger” spelling errors. Ed A.
  • Use it every day

    By Shirley U.R. Joking
    I wake up and read the daily reflection to get my day off right. It never fails me.