In Your Arms Tonight

In Your Arms Tonight

By Voltage inc.

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2012-11-05
  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 26.36 MB
  • Developer: Voltage inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 793 Ratings


Read the Prologue and Episode 1 for each character for free! ◆Story◆ It's your third month of marriage. You were supposed to have reached the height of happiness at home and at work, but this happiness crumbles when you witness your new husband engaged in an affair! In this state, gentle encouragement comes from the man you least expected... "If I had the chance, I could make you happy..." What will you do, as you find that you can't break your hand away from his...? ◆Character Profiles◆ Kippei Ebihara "Work requires responsibility!" Kippei's popular with some of the ladies in the office, but he is so strict. Genji Higashiyama: The Red-Blooded Leader "Dont't make me wait call after call!" Genji is a player on the Japanese national soccer team and he was your first boyfriend. ◆Support◆ Please check the FAQ before contacting us. If you still need help after reading the FAQ, use the Contact Us button from within the App or use the App Support button on this page. Please be aware that we cannot respond to App Store reviews or Facebook posts. -------------------------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION -------------------------- *Please update your iOS to the latest version to play this app. Recommended devices: iPhone 6, iPhone6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2nd generation and later, iPad mini, iPod touch 5th generation and later Not compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad 1st generation, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPod touch 4th generation and earlier



  • One of their best

    By Glamour catforever
    I'd gladly pay for a great story and this is one of the voltage apps where I'm glad I did. I really appreciate how this MC isn't a complete pushover (although she's still not totally independent/etc), she had several times where she stood up for herself. I highly recommend this!
  • Not bad but... seriously? (spoilers)

    By Lucky02846
    To start off, I've played a lot of Voltage games in the past few years and normally I love them. They're much more affordable than many similar games, the art is great and usually you can find a few interesting storylines in a game even if the overarching plot isn't your thing. Most of that is true for this game as well, but for some of the routes the main character is literally unbearable. Now to be fair in most Voltage games and romance games in general, the female lead is usually a little wimpy for my taste. Typically she depends on men in a way that's intended to be cute but (to me) comes off as immature and weak. She tends to be clumsy, indecisive and romantically innocent regardless of her age. Like I said though, that's just something you have to get used to in some degree if you avidly play dating sims (not that I wouldn't love a change). But this woman is too much. I first played Koichi's route because it seemed the most intriguing under the circumstances, and honestly I liked it a lot. The woman slowly builds some resolve, Koichi realizes the error of his ways in a truly satisfying moment, and the romance is believable. But oh my god. Kippei's route. I have never suffered so much for $3.99 in my life. The narrator starts out in the standard way, jittery, nervous, submissive... but instead of developing into her own person, somehow she gets worse! I mean this woman gets progressively LESS independent over the course of the storyline even up until the end! Guys, I kid you not, I was cussing at the screen for like 5 minutes at the end going, "Girl, what is wrong with you?! What are you doing!" I mean I've seen sexist undertones in writing and it happens, but this? This woman cooks, cleans-- basically slaves away for her cheating husbands that treats her like crap in every scene and then when he reacts poorly to her ridiculously considerate gestures she goes, "Oh no, I've angered Koichi..." Girl grow a spine. I would've slapped that boy across the face the first time I saw him cheating. I get that she's trying to please her parents and she's going through a lot, but she's got about as much willpower as a chicken nugget... It was just sad. And at the end (spoilers for Kippei's route) she literally had to ask Kippei to BEG HER HUSBAND to CONSIDER leaving her. She's freaking 31 years old, has a full time job and hasn't even been married a year to her cheating husband, but you're telling me she can't even bare to bring up divorce to him without a man doing it for her?!?!?! I had never witnessed something so painfully pathetic and irritating in my life. Like she was inhumanly pathetic. The worst part was I liked Kippei and some of the scenes with just the two of them were both romantic and sweet, but that couldn't withstand the rest of the plot. In short, this route had real potential, but the narrator completely ruined it for me. If anyone from Voltage is listening, I love your games, but please give us some more interesting female leads!! I would easily pay double for a woman with some confidence and self respect!
  • Actually a pretty good game.

    By Krgoltsas
    Embarrassed to say I've spent quite a bit on this game already. The protagonist is likable and the guys are charming, each one with their own qualities. My only complaint is that many of these otome games have a female lead who seems very insecure about herself.
  • Love it !

    By SH0SH
    Genji is bae 🌚💕
  • Bought two stories

    By Lakaloipsie
    I bought two stories on my other phone same email and same phone style and I can't even retrieve my stories with the money I bought it with.... is there any way for me to get it back??
  • It save me

    By Rin heart
    This app save me when I felt like no one loved me I got this game and it save me from killing my self-I am very lucky this game was made
  • My fav. Voltage inc story!

    By LuckyCharms210
    I love how out of all the voltage stories, this one is more mature. I really hope they change their mind and translate the season 2 version!💞
  • Can't play my person

    By Won't open or anything
    I love this game but sense the update it acts like I didn't pay for the game and that I have to do the prologue again and when it redownloads it still does the same thing telling me something went wrong have to redownload it

    By CathyCatWat
    You have to pay for the rest? T^T
  • Still the best

    By Supercomicgirl
    I played this years ago on droid and at the time I played every route and then even the side routes. I never play the extra side routes. I tend to think they are a bit of a rip off with boring fluff, but this one was worth it. I tend to be picky on buying a route in a dating sim; I tend to only like one or two characters at most. But this one I even loved the characters I normally never would have played. There was only one I wasn't a fan of (the soccer player) but that was just the main first season route. The sequels and alternate stories were great. The best character was one of those characters I normally wouldn't chose. If you want to pick just one go for her coworker. He's worth it (though I remember the boss was a close second) This story made me cry. It had me grinning like an idiot when one of the characters did a certain train scene I am not spoiling for and I still remember years later. I was EMOTIONAL. I normally just play these things cause I'm bored and they are mindless like a chick flick. But this one made me feel things. Im going to have to rebuy everything again, or find my old droid. This is the game that made me spend a whole lot of money on the other voltage apps hoping for similar. Sadly I feel like I wasted money on the other apps. Because this was the first one that really took a serious adult approach to a story. The character had a life outside of the romance and it was nice to see at least a little of it. Years later, some of Voltages recent apps have been somewhat similar, but this is still the only one that was so consistently good. This is a lot of rambling to say this is the one visual novel I recommend.