Gaia On The Go

Gaia On The Go

By Gaia Interactive Inc.

Score: 2.5
From 1,441 Ratings


If you’re a member of Gaia Online, this app lets you take your favorite features on the go. You can read and post in the forums, dress up your avatar or change your saved outfits, reply to private messages, check your notices, buy stuff on the Marketplace, keep up to date on the latest announcements, and even purchase items from the Cash Shop.



  • Buttons..

    By melylynx
    Since I can’t see any buttons on the screen I guess that they aren’t fitted to my screen. I can’t go back when I click the daily chance ticket. Guess it’s the same throughly the other buttons because unless I completely exit the app I can’t do anything else. I’m still exploring it but I already see this going no where any time soon....
  • Terrible app

    By Chrisnunez
    So many reasons please do anything just make it not what it is right now it’s not even something to grow off of
  • Dont reinvent the wheel

    By kaisune_kitser
    Just give us gaia. As an app. Not this weird portal thing that only fit in back in the first iterations of smartphones
  • App is terrible.

    By Courtmadort
    And gaiaonline is nothing but a random chance item gambling site. Some items can cost hundreds or real life dollars. The site is about nothing but greed, and they give nothing back to the community supporting them. This is just a remnant of what Gaia used to me.
  • Help. Me please

    By gardnerwife69
    It won’t let me make account
  • Please Update

    By AngelaW2703
    I’ve downloaded this app years ago when I was VERY active on Gaia, and I hated it because it wasn’t good. Now, years later, it’s EXACTLY THE SAME. This app needs a complete overhaul.
  • Wow..

    By TamamaCandyLover
    This app is just laggy crap I’m better off using Safari. What a waste of time..
  • Amazing!

    By Tthdhhxhssbshj
    I have been on just for hours and I’m loving it! Also the app is amazing but I cannot dressup whenever I tap on an item it doesn’t equip please reply.
  • Ugh.

    By Nihil_Toast
    This app would have been passable in 2010... Now it is just inexcusable. Whether you are a nostalgic Gaia old timer or an edgy 13 year old, just go to the site with your PC's browser.
  • Update

    By Jazzyjam4
    Sometimes I don’t like sitting at my laptop for a few hours. Wish they still worked on the app