DEVONthink To Go

DEVONthink To Go

By DEVONtechnologies, LLC

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2010-10-28
  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 143.94 MB
  • Developer: DEVONtechnologies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,435 Ratings


DEVONthink To Go is the mobile document management solution for iPad and iPhone. Store and organize your important documents on the go. Synchronize your data directly on the local network, via Dropbox, or any WebDAV server with DEVONthink for Mac. Strong encryption and app-wide Face ID/Touch ID/PIN code security keeps your private data private. DEVONthink is the no. 1 application on the Mac for document and information management. It is used by information workers in education, research, law, consulting, and governments anywhere from home offices to corporations. Use DEVONthink To Go to: - Browse and view your documents - Organize your files - Use your documents from the iOS Files app - Open, edit, and save documents from any application that supports file providers - Capture notes, images, bookmarks - Edit plain text files, RTF documents, and formatted notes (based on HTML) - Edit and annotate PDFs (requires one-time in-app purchase) - Edit tables (requires one-time in-app purchase) - Link to your documents from other apps supporting URLs - Search using a powerful search language - Synchronize with DEVONthink for Mac or other iOS devices running DEVONthink To Go 2 Learn more about DEVONthink To Go and how to get started on the DEVONtechnologies web site. DEVONthink To Go supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion and is integrated with Readdle Scanner Pro.



  • Useless for searching within documents

    By frugme
    Nowhere in the descriptions was it stated that the app can’t search through the database of documents then highlight pages in documents where search terms occur. This is functionality the desktop version does, and even Dropbox can do on mobile with single PDFs. When you try to limit searching within documents, the page is found, but no terms are updated. This isn’t useful for research work on iPhone or iPad.
  • Rock solid performance and capabilities

    By Avid Podcast Junkie
    Bought DEVONthink To Go awhile back. I’m pretty much iOS only sort of guy. Evaluated a bit, but got distracted by other tools Spent months in frustration of shortcomings in other tools. None handled well the project demands, nor how I think and like to work. Fired up DEVONthink and quite quickly realized it is THE tool to use as the hub for .... everything! Months wasted. I’m an idiot. Was distracted by glitz when I should have focused on guts. Thanks for an unparalleled product!
  • German quality at its best

    By Basilfawlty@
    The Porsche of all system used for Paperless living. I use it for all my documents now 31,000 in total. Made by Germans, always works and works well! Except for Mail and Safari my most used app.
  • Need crash report functionality

    By showgood21
    It used to work perfectly and I loved using it daily, but recently it has started crashing randomly which renders it somewhat not reliable or even usable .. Most importantly when it crashed and I launch it again it didn’t detect the previous crash and does not offer me a chance to send some sort of crash report to improve the app. Please consider add this and I think the app will improve and become better.
  • Not for most people

    By bradleythegeek
    TL;DR: not a valid competitor to OneNote or Evernote, or even Apple Notes or Bear, for most people. Some powerful features hindered by terrible UI choices and complexity. DT is probably great software if you are a researcher who needs to collect huge numbers of documents and deal with their content. But for most of the population looking for a way to collect, create, and store notes, it is no competition to other, less expensive and more full-featured note taking applications. My use for DT is to collect data from the web (clipping) and allow me to create well-formatted notes from scratch. I often need to include attachments in these notes, as well as images and tables. About 80% of my notes are original content. Where DT falls down for me is in original content creation. Note taking. Yes, I can create notes in a lot of formats, as well as in almost any editor of my choice, and DT will happily display them. But it’s built-in editors (desktop and iOS) are poor. Producing well-formatted documents pretty much requires you use another editor (like Pages) and import the document into DT, which adds needless complication versus something like Evernote or OneNote. DT has nothing like the proprietary Evernote format that allows easily adding and later editing attachments. Attachments generally have to stored and managed separately from the document that references them, which creates more work and adds disorganization. Like: * Multiple databases, each one can be synced or not as you choose. Great for large amounts of data that you don’t always need, archives, etc. * DTTG adds itself as a location in the Files app, making it easy to use other apps to save or edit notes, without having to use iOS sharing to make copies. * No subscription (but maybe they should have one to increase cash flow and speed development?) No like: * Not all documents are editable on the iPad. DT will sometimes tell me that a document is too complex, and cannot be edited. What? I’ve got documents in Evernote that are far more complex, and I can edit them fine. Why would you deliberately gimp your software? * DT does not handle standard iOS keyboard shortcuts. Just one example: I cannot shift-command-arrow to highlight an entire line, I have to use the drag handles, or shift-alt-arrow to select the line word-by-word. * Terrible use of screen real estate on larger devices. Why is the dialog to create a new document so tiny on my 12.9” screen in landscape mode? Why can’t I add formatting as I’m creating the document (I have to create, then edit). * When working with a formatted document, despite having a ton of screen real estate, the text formatting & fonts are hidden behind a little “T” on the bottom toolbar. A toolbar that is otherwise almost completely empty and spans the entire screen. * Just like the Mac app, the UI appears to have been designed by an amateur who last used a computer in 2005.
  • Best For Document Management

    By ilbbrief
    I need to reference on a daily basis statutes, rules and various studies. I have tried most of the main document management apps available and settle on this one as meeting most of my needs. Now, if only it could allow for bookmark with the ability to search bookmarks across all databases...
  • My go to personal database

    By ddmckay
    DevonThink To Go is one of those rare applications that always seems to improve from release to release. I moved from Evernote to DEVONthink a couple of years ago and have never looked back. I use the mobile client and their wonderful pro office product on my desktop. Sync works well over iCloud and the “trust no one” encryption with a key you control gives me confidence my data is secure. Highly recommended.
  • Bugs and dated interface keeps it from being great

    By DG 123456789
    Update: Had a sync problem that escalated and it drove me over the edge for quitting this app. The good thing was how easy it was to recover my data and get it out of the app. The bad news was that I couldn’t fix the sync problem and couldn’t figure out how to reset sync. Customer support is great, but it was clear that solutions to sync issues requires starting at the Mac, and since I can go weeks without access to my Mac when traveling, the system seems too fragile for me. I am impressed with how safe my data was during the problem, but I can’t afford losing access to files while away from the Mac. Original review: I looked at DEVONThink years ago and there wasn’t enough there on the iOS side at the time. I had forgotten about it until my organizational system started to get strained recently and I began searching for new apps. I’m glad I came across DEVONThink again, as the iOS app, especially on the iPad Pro, has become truly useful. Within a couple of days, I was fully into the DEVONThink ecosystem and saving a lot of time and energy in pulling together all the bits of my work. Can’t wait to see how the app further develops.
  • Came back after a while

    By Tech24073
    I stopped using this app a while ago due to problems. I decided to check it out again. So glad I did!!! Great and reliable app now.
  • Fantastic companion to OSX application

    By Garrett1131
    DevonThink To Go has come a long way as a comprehensive companion to the OSX application. Note how most of the one-star reviews are complaints from users who didn’t read the product description. This, by itself, is not a full DevonThink experience. It is the digital folio you take with you, while the hefty file cabinet stays at home. It is a portable DevonThink experience, but needs it’s home base on a proper Mac computer. If you can follow the basic instructions and premise of the app, you’ll get a great deal out of this (and that’s where the five star reviews appear.)