Handwritten email

Handwritten email

By Fapps World et Cie S.E.C.S.

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Send your email and MMS texting with handwritten text. This will give your emails a nice personal touch. Type on a conventional onscreen keyboard and the app will convert the text into handwritten text. What users say: - This is a lovely little app that is a pleasure to use and receive according to my fellow iPhone friends. 5 stars from me. - It is a must have. All my friends are like "How did you do that?" - Such a wonderful compliment to an email. The reviews I've received back are tremendous. - Love fancy fonts and pretty colors! - So cool, fun and neat Features: - Choose between several handwritten and calligraphy styles and other cool styles, like gothic, medieval, celtic, ... - Change the color and size of the text. - Choose between 20 background patterns and pictures. - Change background color. - Copy the handwritten text and paste it into an MMS or into other apps. (available through the action button) - Switch between preview mode and editing mode (offers cursor positioning for easier text editing, select, copy, cut and paste). - Change text alignment. - Copy and paste (activate editing mode in the settings screen). - Get additional style packs containing additional text fonts and background images (accessible in the settings screen) Follow us on twitter @PlanetBlueArt



  • Impress Your Recipients

    By FiveMore
    Well written words deserve beautiful handwriting. This is it! Many ways to compose and customize. Great for quick notes and lengthy compositions.
  • Handwritten E Mail

    By joelleeyork2
    I love this app and I use it often. @joelyork48 Twitter
  • Caligrafia

    By Number 1 Guitarman
    This app is good once you navigate it's ways. I'd like to see it simplified so you don't spend more time figuring how to use it than actual message writing. You should try it.
  • Sham

    By dboggny
    This app is a scam. You can't hand write anything. It's got fancy fonts, that's all. Cut and paste from Pages if you want fancy fonts. This title is misleading, Apple should delete it.
  • Those Cows 1 or # 2 Update crack me up!!!

    By @LOBOTOMY101
    Gift this to those near & dear. It's akin with giving a fish away or of course instead giving a fishing rod. Hours of fun to be had!
  • App 5 but new iPod recharging for paid pkgs.

    By Happy writer
    this app is a 5 on my old iPod but when I got a new iPod and took it off cloud i noticed all my purchased packages for every image had to be rebought. I wrote a very polite letter asking where to reset as other apps have to give info back that was purchased .. After a few days I got a rude sentence that was: a font pkg doesn't have to be rebought. Period Really I asked about the pkgs I bought of all my images I want them back and I'm not rebuying them . The app when all together is a 5 star, you need to teach yourself what means what but then when know use it and it is great .. When I had my pkgs..
  • Great app

    By V.Leocadio
    I love this app, it's fun to have a written email to send to my friends and also it's cool to sign your name on a letter it makes the memo more profession. Alone with the different fonts. Great app
  • I would Recommend this to anybody

    By You did it right
    Love your product .
  • Handwrite email

    By Julie080329
    Love the different fonts. Wish the texting was better though. The email is wonderful. Love the calligraphy, gothic, and medieval fonts.
  • El chido

    By Motita del campo
    Estas chidas