Prepware Commercial Pilot

Prepware Commercial Pilot


  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2009-11-24
  • Current Version: 1.46
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 16.86 MB
  • Developer: ASA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 61 Ratings


Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the Commercial Pilot (Airplane, Rotorcraft, Glider, Lighter-Than-Air) and Military Competency FAA Knowledge Exams. Questions, answers and explanations included, for you to study with a true-to-form practice test.



  • Progress not saved and several other issues

    By Apfelmaennchen
    - I have lost my study progress multiple times by now which is super frustrating if in the middle of a long section where I want to be sure I saw every question at least once I switch to another app and then back to this app and it sometimes jumps back to the main screen instead of the active study session with no “Resume” button, so progress is lost. Kicking the questions off for that question again will randomly mix them up even in study mode so I need to start from scratch. At the very least default to no mix-up of the study questions, and if some users want to study randomly then by all means give them that option as a setting. - Also, jumping back and forth between the questions and the reference material is quite awkward when there are several parameters to be kept in mind; there should be a better way of designing the app on the iPad. - The section with the explanation of the correct response is too small and oftentimes requires awkward scrolling even for short explanations. - Lastly, the graded quizzes are not being recorded so I can’t see my progress over time. Such functionality should be a given in any training software. The only reason this software gets two stars and not just one from me is that the questions are being kept up-to-date.
  • Go with a different Prep Company

    By CFI Flier
    Two years ago the questions were spot on. This time only about 5 questions were somewhat similar. Don't waste your money on this app. The question bank won't help pass you. I barely passed only because I had studied the actual material through another company's prep.
  • Questions out of Date

    By Song757
    I just took my written today and passed with an 80%. The problem was that out of the 105 questions, the vast majority were not in ASA's app. I was easily scoring in the 90s on practice teats using the app. I risked failing because of ASA. I will never use ASA prep ware again.
  • Missing test questions..

    By SamNYC4870
    I just took my commercial knowledge exam and luckily passed by a hair because I depended too much on this app. I used this app religiously as a study aid. I was getting consistently 90% and above on the practice tests on this app. To my unpleasant surprise today, the actual commercial airplane knowledge exam had many, many questions that are NOT covered by this app! I am so lucky I still passed albeit not by much. So just a warning to everyone preparing for their written... don't rely on just memorizing test questions! Good luck...
  • Not good

    By DJ ZeeMac
    Terrible app - provides questions with limited explanation. Guess at the question then read the explanation. Not a good learning tool. Looking for a "textbook" style not let's guess at the question then read the explanation.
  • OK App

    By 8.3;
    The questions are helpful. But there is no way to save the quiz or test results to go back later to review questions you missed. It says you can save and exit and there will be a resume button on the home screen. Not on my app
  • Good product

    By Wylbur
    I have the books from ASA. I have a competing Windows product that requires Internet to function. This product allowed me to work on memorizing items needed for the written no matter where I was or if I had any connections. And it allowed me to run a practice test, but I needed the test supplement (which I have). I'm now signed off to schedule and take the real one, because of being able to study when I could (very busy person who is on-call). I couldn't do that w/ the competitor's product.
  • Good overall but wish there were more options

    By Bigblue141
    Build an option to save your test results so you can review with your CFI!!! Most CFI's require 3 consecutive test scores of 90% and higher before they will give you an endorsement to take the exam. I screen shot mine for proof, but it would be nice to save all three tests so the CFI can go over the missed questions with you. Add a search function so you can review missed questions from the FAA written like they have in the paper version of prepware. If these options were available I would pay $15-$20 per rating . This would be a 5 star app if these added options were included. I got an 86 on my written with 3 consecutive 90s on this app. You are not using all your resources if you fail to include this app in your pre written prep.
  • So far so good.

    By Aviator459
    Works well. Great practice and prep tool. Andiminius: perhaps you went on to your commercial and learned that in a stabilized, un-accelerated flight condition, all forces are equal, regardless of being in a decent, climb, or level flight. Don't forfeit your license. :)
  • Just passed my test today!

    By Motorbrain
    I took the Commercial written exam today and passed easily by only using this app. Yes, there were about six of 100 questions on the actual exam that were not in this pool of questions. Although they were a surprise the other 94 questions were here to study from. Also the order of the answers are different in most cases. Again, not a big deal. I've used the Sporty's app for Private and Instrument but so far I like Prepware better other then you cannot go back to see your saved completed tests. Prepware is simple but works well.