Contacts Journal CRM

Contacts Journal CRM

By zaal LLC

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2009-09-14
  • Current Version: 4.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.79 MB
  • Developer: zaal LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,034 Ratings


Contacts Journal CRM is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, set follow-ups, create custom fields, and attach important documents to each of your contacts. Carry your relationship history with you, wherever you go! Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. USE CONTACTS JOURNAL CRM TO: • add value to your professional network • track your customer and client relationships • manage your sales pipeline • be prepared for your next meeting • track interactions with friends and family • effectively manage tasks and appointments • carry a virtual folder of documents with you • keep a call log • see a map of all your contacts, with color-coding options • store important contact data using customizable User Fields • find contacts by name, groups, company, address, or custom data • setup email templates with merge tags to send personalized emails quickly OUR CUSTOMERS INCLUDE: • sales teams • small business owners • contractors • portfolio managers • personal productivity hackers • professional like lawyers, real-estate agents, teachers, nurses etc. If you are someone who interacts with many people, professionally or personally, Contacts Journal will keep you on top of things. Don’t keep it all in your head, or locked up in a spreadsheet or legacy system – use Contacts Journal to track your interactions with the people who matter. KEY FEATURES: • Import contacts directly from the Contacts app, or create Private Contacts to keep information separate from your personal contacts • Create email templates with personalization tags, to send prepared emails quickly but with a personal touch • Define and create your custom fields, and attach custom data for each contact • See all your contacts and notes on a single Map view • Attach Documents to Contacts; over WiFi, through DropBox, or from other apps using "Open In" • Add alerts in Notification Center for important follow-ups • Add appointments straight to the Calendar app • Call, SMS or email your contacts directly from the app • Export your data for reporting by email, CSV, AirPrint or even to your Contact notes field • No recurring billing, no hosted service. Works great offline! • Featuring automatic, seamless syncing with iCloud across iPhone, iPad and Mac! • Use DropBox to easily transfer data between iPhone, iPad and Mac • Search for data from Spotlight search page ACCOLADES: * Featured by Apple in "Start Your Business" * Featured in the NYTimes "Business Cards Give Way to Cellphone Apps for Networking" * - 10 Best iPhone Apps for Business Networkers * App Store Reviews: read reviews from satisfied customers! Please note: • iPad and Mac versions are sold separately • We cannot access the contents of your messages, or access information about incoming calls or emails Please send us your suggestions, and tell us what new features you would like to see. Contact us at



  • General manager

    By Bob Rodenberg
    This App is really terrific. It has lots of ways to track the progress of the sales cycle, to be reminded of different events, to plan, and to search local areas and then see the pens on the map so that you can plan which account to go to first. Very well thought out and I look forward to the future enhancements which come out regularly. I think the product is really first class and definitely does the job. I recommend it highly. Really good app and it gets better, and better, and better!
  • Sales rep user – high volume

    By High-volume user
    I love using the app, but feel there are a couple of updates that could make the application much more user-friendly. As an example, the locations should be automatically ordered alphabetically, and when I’m adding a log or a to do item, the app should automatically pull the location for the account. Thank you very much, and I look forward to the new updates. Merry Christmas to you all.
  • Great app easy to use

    By Girlpower1277
    Love this app use it all the time
  • Great app

    By tyrple
    Love this app! Keep all my notes on my clients and colors, easy to find by date or name,
  • Could not live without this app

    By Dk20000783
    Fantastic resource for managing your territory, regardless of whether or not your organization has a CRM (mine stunningly does not). Makes t easy to transfer to another company if your entire history is in your control. Only wish is to add a graphical pipeline management tool.
  • Great App! Needs a follow up feature though!

    By CDW NH
    Great for organizing your customer base, to do syncs to you calendar. A couple things. Can’t edit locations under logs (documenting calls). Also no follow up to schedule after logging the call. That would be handy. Overall a good app!!!
  • Great CRM tool for Sales or Personal

    By Busy non-mom
    Still a 5-star app. My go-to since 2012. I tell everyone I work with to get this app. I would love the map to offer a filter of only contacts with to-dos, but active contacts is close. I love being able to take notes while on a call. This continues to be my go-to app for every note I need in my sales job, car service, doctor notes, etc. I have over 2500 contacts, and this really keeps me organized. Love the Dropbox backup. iCloud is good too. ......... I had been putting off spending the $ for this app, but finally broke down, and I'm so glad I got it! Contacts were easy to import, and I have just the ones I want. The journal will make my weekly reports tremendously easier. The calendar syncs beautifully with the phone. AND - So great that it's a one-time cost - no monthlies, no upgrade! And no other database required.
  • Add a couple features, fix a major bug, and it's perfect

    By Mihailja
    I am in sales and purchased this to log my phone calls. My company doesn't have a crm that does this. I love it for this. I wish, however it would log the time of the calls so i can track phone time metrics. Also, do NOT turn on iCloud. The app becomes completely unstable. I had to re-install and now back everything to Dropbox. For the one-time price though, it's a great deal.

    By m.1928
    I really like the app after getting the syncing to work correctly. I knew it had the parts and pieces I wanted in this style app so I spent time it to make it work. __________________________________________________________ THINGS I LEARNED CONTACTS NEED TO BE SQEAKY CLEAN No dupes. Be careful of dupe names in companies. THIRD PARTY APPS CAN CAUSE ISSUES Any that also touch/deal with your addressbook can give you additional surprises. Example: CircleBack does not keep your grouping information and will look like a new contact to this app and it will mess things up for hour contact history. This is not the developers fault but can be frustrating to figure out what is happening and why. INSTALL ONE AT A TIME on desktop/phone/iPad and give each plenty of time inbetween to sync with iCloud. THe syncing on the other devices can and will take time - all depends on how large of an addressbook you have. BACK UP BEFORE Basic principle to create a back up. I suggest not only the iTunes back-up but make an additional tab delineated export of your information. This way if the back-up from iTunes does not work the way you want it to you will have a second chance to start over. POOR PLANNING ON USERS PART is not the developers problem. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS do not assume you know everything, this is a powerful program if it is set up correctly. THE DEVELOPERS ARE CONSCIENTIOUS They do listen and respond. THE PRICE IS CHEAP! Great value for what you get. Remember - Garbage in Garbage out. YOU CAN START OVER If you save your addressbook as tab delinated information you can reset everything by deleting it all and then reimporting everything from your saved CLEAN file. IMPORTANT CAVEAT for users of program on earlier devices starting over is not an easy road. Read instructions and be careful to understand how to do it right the first time. EXPORT FROM cJOURNAL If you have used cJournal for a while your exported data from the program does not seem to be easily imported back in but at least you have it if you do your backup. It exports your log/To do info and Contact info separately. REMEMBER - CONTACTS NEED TO BE SQEAKY CLEAN If not you will be deleting A LOT of duplicate contacts. I spent more time that I care to admit because I did not as I have a lot of contacts in my address book. iCLOUD vs. DROPBOX I got the iCloud to work which makes syncing easy but Dropbox is a viable choice. THE PROGRAM IS INEXPENSIVE Once it is up and running. If not done right fixing can take a lot of time and your time is valuable. Read and do it right the first time. Subscription based programs will cost much much more. IT IS WORTH IT WHEN DONE RIGHT - Great program.
  • It's okay.

    By TheOneandOnlyPhat_Pat
    It's not worth what they're charging and the file section is a mess. You can't sort it and they only offer a list format rather than icons. I've spoken with the developer the regards to using icons or at least having the option to have an icon format but they seem to think it "doesn't make sense". Their customer support is absolutely garbage. They don't seem to care about customer satisfaction. Do not pay for this app.