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Make high quality international calls to both mobiles and landlines for next to nothing. Rebtel will detect your best available connection type and set up your call via either a local phone line, mobile data or WiFi. This means you never have to worry about bad reception or your call dropping. As a new user your first 3 minute call is on us, and if you sign up for a subscription you get a whole week free. You can cancel any time you want and for each person you successfully invite to Rebtel, you receive $5 free credits added to your balance. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Why choose Rebtel? • Our calls are internet-free. Our super smart system finds the best phone lines to connect your calls through so you don’t have to worry about bad reception or your call dropping. • We’re cheap as hell. We consistently analyze traffic to give you the best possible deal and rates based on your calling behavior. • With our ingenious app we can give you a unique experience with exceptionally low rates and stable phone lines. That’s why we connect more than a billion minutes of calling every year. With Rebtel there are two ways that you can call internationally. International calling for everyone, everywhere: • With our subscriptions you can call as much as you want to any mobile or landline in more than 50 countries. Each payment is valid for one month and is renewed automatically at the end of the month. • Or you can choose to pay as you go with World Credits to call any country in the world at the lowest possible rates. Popular countries include Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, India and Mexico. Free international calls between Rebtel Users: • Make free, unlimited and internet-free calls to friends in over 50 countries, as long as they have the app. We use real phone lines which means we can guarantee excellent call quality. So become a Rebel and start calling. Popular countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and France.




    By Julie57123
    $1 for 30 minutes! I can’t even make a call! Why even promote something that the service did not exist!!!??? Or let say not accessible anytime!!!! Very awful!
  • 5 dollars

    By RicahrdL
    So, I try to buy the subscription and I supposed to pay $5 but the final price is $7.99. That’s the real price or I’m doing something wrong ? Thanks
  • Amazing!

    By Ibeegifted
    I was able to speak to my love one in China for unlimited minutes with good call quality. And guess what, it's only $5 monthly! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  • Clean App. Yet to fully gauge the quality of calls

    By _suni
    A nice to have feature— show the local time at the country based on the country code selected, whilst placing a call.
  • Great voice

    By Akramkulam
    HD voice no have interference wonderful
  • Terrible costumer Service

    By Darien gonzalez torres
    I’ve been emailing you a thousands time & you all couldn’t even email back. What kinda of company is this. Like really I even got blocked in my account & I haven’t even gotten a regular answer all they been saying is we have to get your aunts email. Bullsh*t, I would of give you 0 starts if I could.
  • Calling and customer service

    By nvsrk
    I didn’t expect this service from Rebtel application, my friend suggested me to use Rebtel for calling to any other country then I subscribed but after subscribing it is not going to work,I rise the ticket many times but no use very very very bad service still now they didn’t solve my problem. This app is robing the money ,I won’t recommend this application to anyone. Google voice is the best service.
  • Excellent call finally

    By Slimfast101
    We tried to make calls the last weeks but could not This one is excellent

    By perlaaaasanntosssss
    Yes, but what I don't understand is, why didn't you say that in the email? (In the messages on my account.) Why come here and reply to it? What if I had never commented, you wouldn't have replied like usual. Like what kind of customer service is this? First of all, I have replied to your email 500 times, and you have not bothered to send a response.. so why respond on the comments? What a terrible customer service.... I hate this calling app. ON TOP OF HAVING TERRIBLE QUALITY... Their service and customer service is trash. They restricted my number for having changed my billing address and even after I sent them 500 emails, every single time I would receive the same response from a different agent and they ask me to explain why I changed the billing address and every single time I gave my response they would never reply again! Yet I did nothing wrong! I paid money on the account, and I did nothing wrong to be restricted, It's an extremely non reliable application, with extremely non reliable customer service! It's trash! and no one should download it! If I had the money, I would buy this terrible app, and turn it into a Motorola ping pong game, or bubble shooter app! LOL bye Trash!
  • Clear international calls

    By Rocky Arm