CalenGoo Calendar

CalenGoo Calendar

By Dominique Andr Gunia

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2009-01-16
  • Current Version: 1.5.62
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 48.90 MB
  • Developer: Dominique Andr Gunia
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 3,877 Ratings


CalenGoo gives you a fast and easy way to access and modify your Google Calendar with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It can also be used when you have no Internet connection, using the cached data. Changes are saved and uploaded the next time you are connected. The calendar view is similar to the web view of Google Calendar. Events are displayed using the same calendar colors that you use in your Google Calendar, even Google's event colors are supported (please see ). It also recognizes which calendars are visible and which are hidden. So the view should match the view of your Google Calendar as much as possible. CalenGoo also has a month view similar to that of Google Calendar. It can be zoomed and panned to quickly get an overview over the events of a month. Zooming the month is done by using the two-finger-zoom gesture that you know from Safari and the photo application. A double tap opens the tapped day. It also supports the same kinds of recurrence rules as Google Calendar and displays recurring events correctly even when you are offline or scroll far into the future. You can also use Google Calendar's feature to invite people to events and see their status (accepted, declined, maybe, no answer). They will get an invitation email with links to e.g. accept or decline the invitation. Google Calendar has an integrated task list, called Google Tasks. Tasks with a due date are displayed on the corresponding days of the calendar. CalenGoo can do the same, it can sync this list, display your tasks in the calendar views and in a list view and it even makes your tasks available offline. You can edit and add tasks and the changes will be synced with Google Tasks. You either need a (free) Google Calendar account to use this app or you can use it with your iOS calendars. However using it with Google Calendar has a few advantages. To get more information, screenshots and a tutorial, please go to If you have any problems or suggestions, please send an email to or take a look at CalenGoo's support website to get help. If you think the font is too small and hard to read, you can increase the font size of all calendar views in the settings under "Settings", "Display and Use". Features ( ): - Drag&drop to quickly copy and move events - Templates to quickly create similar events again. They can even be combined, e.g. one template for the location of an event and another for the attendees - Print/PDF function to print the day, week, month or agenda view via AirPrint or to email it as a PDF file - Supports the same recurrence rules as Google Calendar - Supports Google Calendar's event colors when syncing via OAuth2 - Icons can be assigned to Google Calendar events - Date/time can be entered using the iOS wheels or by using a keypad - Fast search function - Show/edit iOS calendars in addition to Google calendars (or instead of Google calendars) - Sync with Google Tasks and iOS Reminders - Reminders can be snoozed and they can be (optionally) repeated every minute - Birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts can be displayed - Zoomable month view, which can be configured to scroll horizontally (month by month) or vertically (week by week) - Events can be linked to contacts - Floating events and completable events - Photos and PDF files can be created and attached to events (via Google Drive) - Calendar selection bar to quickly show and hide single calendars - The location of an event can be opened with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigon, TomTom, Skobbler, Sygic, iGo or Waze - View/edit calendars that are shared with others via Google Calendar - Many configuration options to change the way the app looks and works



  • Stellar

    By Philosophy10101
    This is the best monthly app out there. Period.I used to use MOCA, but when I got the iphone X, the time font display was too tiny to read, so I searched high and low for something to replace it. Wow, and wow--this had endless fancy and basic options, almost overwhelming in choices, kinda like the cereal aisle--lol :-) If you're looking for a calendar where you can see your entire month at a glance, this is it. Btw, I typically schedule approx. 6 events in a day. If you have a lot more, you'll still be able to see this app, but see fewer weeks together, and if you have less events, you'll see more weeks. If you're on the fence about this one, the $6.99 is worth every cent. Go for it :-)
  • The BEST calendar app

    By Retsilacm
    I have been using Calengoo for about 7 years now. Over the years I’ve tried 7 or 8 alternative calendars, both paid and free. None comes close to the ease and functionality of Calengoo. Best features: 1. History tab when entering dates. I work in multiple offices with multiple roles each month. I can easily select a prior entry instead of retyping a location or role time after time after time... 2. Turn sideways in day view to get week view. Try it, it’s great. 3. Multiple calendars or same calendar, multiple colors for different events. 4. Shareable/G-cal syncable. Put events In Calengoo. Auto-syncs with Google calendar. Any other shared gcal synced calendar is updated. And it WORKS. 5. Developer continuously updates. Seems to take great pride in producing the best, most useful app.
  • Clean, bulletproof, customizable.

    By TheMusikPlanet
    Of all the fancy apps I’ve used with all the adjustable colors and stuff this is the one that has stayed on my phone/tablet/laptop for the past two years. Anytime I look for another calendar app I just come back to this one. It’s for productivity, and if you are serious about your planning, journaling, idea tracking, and prompts, it will be all you really need.
  • The Best Calendar App

    By AllGreenTea
    I’ve used this Google Calendar app almost since inception. I’ve tried others and always come back to this one. This has the most practical functions and the most customizable at the same time. The degree of customization is immense, to this day I am still learning new things I can do with it. At this point, I’ve got this locked down to how I like it, making it super productive to use for home, kids, and work. Luv it!
  • Updated on 12.8.17 is a mess

    By Asuwrestler
    I updated today and my calendar is completely messed up shows the same event multiple times on the same day throughout the year on everyday....
  • Stable and time saving

    By brentgrab
    The most efficient calendar app on either iOS IR android. Long time Android user now switched to iPhone X. Would like to see more modernized look and full screen layout for new iPhone display size. Improve the look of the UI and this is 5.0/5 instead of 4.9/5
  • Was great is now crap

    By Gredo61
    Search view for yearly event shows event as daily. Needs to be fixed

    By daddysgirlqueen
    Ever since IOS 11.0 no notifications and everything under settings in app and in phone settings is checked
  • What happened?

    By Pposey
    I have been a long time user of Calengoo. Today’s update has caused it to crash every time I try to open my calendar on my iPad Air 2. Please help. I need to be able to access appointments-fast.
  • Great calendar, OK task manager

    By Rod2526
    Update: the ability to view tasks in one list is helpful but it still needs a view in task mode that allows you to see tomorrow, day after tomorrow, rest of week, next week, etc. Would also like to see tasks due times in other views Review: great calendar, terrible task manager. Tasks need to be viewed in a complete list by due date, showing what is due tomorrow, day after, next week, etc. Needs task in watch complication. Needs tasks due times in various views. It's a good calendar but tasks are not done well