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Now issuing earthquake early warning alerts in California! The MyShake app -- developed by the UC Berkeley Seismology Lab, sponsored by the State of California Office of Emergency Services -- is the first app to provide statewide earthquake early warning alerts. The app is one of the delivery modes of the California Earthquake Early Warning System. MyShake is different to all the other earthquake apps. In addition to providing earthquake alerts, maps and safety tips, your phone helps to detect earthquakes. MyShake provides earthquake early warnings in California for estimated magnitude 4.5 earthquakes and higher to phones in the light shaking (MMI 3), or higher, areas. Get earthquake ready and help your community. Have earthquake information at your fingertips and help create a global earthquake detection system. Quickly understand the impact of an earthquake. See damage and shaking reports submitted by other community members along with information from the US Geological Survey. Stay informed. Get notifications about nearby earthquakes and track earthquakes around the globe. Share your experience. Felt an earthquake? Create and experience report and see reports from fellow users and MyShake scientists. Help improve earthquake early warning. Your device becomes an earthquake sensor and joins a smartphone network collecting valuable data. Learn more at



  • Fascinating idea! Questions within

    By Mark_Zah
    Thanks for the app, developers! I found out about this MyShake app just after the New Year, 2020. I have been using the popular QuakeFeed (earthquake app) for a few years now. I intend to be using both of these apps at once. This MyShake app is what I thought earthquake apps already basically were when I downloaded some apps years ago only to be massively disappointed that none of them could give me a (possible) early warning of an earthquake’s shaking. This is what I imagine a lot of people want from their personal devices. That is, to have their communications device actually tell them when shaking will occur due to an earthquake, if that is actually possible. I understand all of this is basically one large beta test with a lot of users providing feedback on how it functions and if it indeed works when a big one or the 'Big One' arrives anywhere in California. Apps such as this one are the future, with the early earthquake warning alert. Again, that’s if it works! This is a really great idea for anyone in an earthquake-prone geographic area such as in Southern California, where I reside. QUESTIONS: — Will an iPhone user still receive an audible alert for the MyShake app if the iPhone is in silent mode? Or maybe, a user’s iPhone will merely vibrate, and push out a text-like message on the iPhone’s lock screen? — How about the volume of the audible alert? What if an iPhone user’s ringer is set to the ON position and is on the lowest volume setting? Will that correspond to how loud the MyShake Alert is? I think having an early audible warning about a significant earthquake is far more important than having the iPhone remain in silent mode and not notify a user of possible shaking! That’s just me. Possible common scenario: Let’s say a class of dozens of students are taking an exam, and silence is mandatory. A few of the students also have the MyShake app correctly installed and programmed on their smartphones, and they do not have Airplane mode on for the exam, while being connected to Wi-Fi and/or Cellular Data as well. Will these students’ phones still have the audibly loud ShakeAlert saying that shaking is expected? (Thus interrupting the exam, but possibly warning everyone in the class that shaking is expected, and therefore being of actual help.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Other notes/thoughts on the app: After a late January 2020 update, I noticed that the Notifications tab in the MyShake app actually has a 'Click for Alert Sound’ green button, which has a male voice say, “EARTHQUAKE. DROP, COVER, HOLD ON. SHAKING EXPECTED.” This alert sound preview, as I call it, is actually what iPhone users will here should the ShakeAlert (for Earthquake Early Warning Alerts) notification work as intended. Thanks for adding that 'preview’ ShakeAlert warning alert since I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how the ShakeAlert notification alert would sound like after looking up online on your website, on the App Store, and within the app for a good amount of time. Back to my questions at the top; any clarification with that would help. Who knows when a "Big One" may strike after all anywhere in California. So, if someone needs to have their iPhone in silent mode, it would be great to know if iPhone users will still receive the ShakeAlert audible notification so they can be easily notified rather than having to be near their iPhone to see Myshake’s ShakeAlert notification pop-up...however that will look anyway once it happens. Why not have a preview within the app for the non-audible text message-like ShakeAlert alert that may or may not pop up on users’ iPhones? I didn’t write the app, so I don’t know what you devs did! That is, if indeed when an iPhone is on silent mode (as I previously mentioned) a user will not receive that audible text-like message notification that shaking is expected from the ShakeAlert feature! So, with all the notifications our smartphones can push to us currently, with whatever a user opts for in their settings, it would be great to know if an earthquake is coming so we can have those extra 5 precious seconds, etc. to protect ourselves. While of course assuming the app works as intended and instructions are followed by the MyShake app to allow the notification prompts in the first place. I hope you developers are following me with what I said! I know... I said a lot of information and possible things to be aware of. I tried to be as thorough as possible and reread my review multiple times. Thank you for your creation of this application, developers, and thank you for possibly being able to answer my questions, while being aware of all the other concerns and suggestion I made! -Sincerely, A MyShake app user
  • Needs a privacy-focused solution, devs don’t seem to care

    By simX
    Update: the devs of this app responded, and don’t seem to care one bit about privacy. That’s disappointing coming from a public research institution. This app seems promising, except for one thing: you can’t deny location and have this app be useful. If you want to be alerted of large earthquakes in your area, so you can get a few seconds warning, you have to give up your precise location. Can there please be a way to subscribe to alerts from a pre-selected list of large metro areas or cities? For example, just “San Francisco Bay Area” would be enough, and that’s a large enough area that it’s not sensitive location data.
  • No alerts recently

    By Joebob6
    I have received no alerts for almost 90 days even though there have been 6.0 shakes in the world since last November.
  • Waiting for the big one

    By LMLee49
    No, really. Waited a while for this. The app works as stated. Received alerts for out of area. No freezes, crashes or hiccups. Will get the 5th star when it actually projects the mother of all quakes in the SF Bay Area. Yes, really. Well… maybe.
  • No support for critical alerts on iOS

    By StoONiii
    Without support for critical alerts on iOS this app is pretty useless. Whenever your phone is on do not disturb or on silent, notifications of EEW won’t come through. Sticking to ShakeAlert LA who supports critical alerts.
  • FEMA Revelation

    By ElectricLynn
    Better than any news reporting! Watching my family in Puerto Rico & California rock & roll at the same time. Thank you coders for this blessing 😇
  • Question

    By Sabiean Woods
    How to get early early earthquake warning from app?
  • Meh

    By Imagine Dragonz
    I was happier with MyQuake which gave me all the information I needed as soon as an earthquake hit. This app is a joke. It doesn’t give me anything at all when one happens. We just had an earthquake this morning, I opened the app and there was nothing. I waited a few minutes and looked again and still nothing. This app needs a substantial amount of work to get it to work and report the incident as soon as it’s happened and where along with magnitude. Until then I’ll have to reach out to other sources for my information.
  • Cool idea, confusing app

    By Spudvision
    Downloaded for early warnings but it’s buggy and the UI is a complete disaster. Don’t trust something so unpolished to work.
  • Sideways

    By Zxeses
    Its sideways, like it was designed for a phone with no consideration for a tablet. Get better app designers.