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Score: 4.5
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SkidStorm is a global multiplayer realtime drift racing game, free of charge and with simple graphics. You can challenge others online or play alone offline. It offers the smooth control which is really easy to get the hang of! In the game, you may drive the cars and drift though all kinds of tracks, swipe your fingers to experience the thrilling races. You may also fill up nitro tanks to speed up or overtake in the corner to become the champion. How to play: - Simply click the button “Left”, “Right” to control where the car goes, and fill up nitro tanks to speed up, and overtake in the corner to win the game. Feature: - 24 maps for you to choose from and enjoy the multiplayer realtime racing to the limit - 17 different types of cars - 12 skins to customize your cars as you want - 5 upgradeable parts: engine, turbo, motor, nitrous and tires - Form a clan to play with your friends and share the glory - Leaderboard: win the trophies and get on the top of the chart - Various game modes: global multiplayer realtime matching mode, single player mode, Career mode, AI mode... - New content coming soon! Tips: - Carefully maintain your drifts to fill up nitro tanks and earn more chances to speed up - Chicane is the key of how you overtake the others - Use your nitro wisely: straight paths or the home stretch is the best The most latest drift racing game made by Cheetah Mobile. Go give it a try! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our game. You are invited to join us to improve it together. More updates and surprises are coming soon. Stay tuned! E-mail: FB: @SkidStorm Privacy Policies:



  • Love it

    By Demon08862
    I absolutely love it great time killer is a lot of fun I do recommend
  • Fun but hard to advance

    By Un_Kn0wn
    This game is really fun but as you get farther it gets harder and harder to advance. I found myself grinding just to get the next car.
  • Never works

    By MrBubblesDaFirst
    Investors had this game for a year and I've never been able to play it because it says I’m not connected to internet despite me checking multiple times that the internet is working perfectly. I might actually like the game if it let me play but it never does.
  • race

    By zöza
    very lagging game

    By GiftedCashew56
    I updated to the newest version of skidstorm. Skidstorm is becoming trash. It’s to laggy to play. I’m on iPhone six, brand new battery, iOS 12.2.0. 100GB free storage. Lots of free memory. Strong WiFi. In ranked every second it freezes for a millisecond and in that time my car stops moving, and yet the others don’t. After a while I cannot keep up with them because my car keeps freezing. (I’m using a green crossfire, almost maxed. Just a few off-road and acceleration upgrades). It’s just not fun. ANOTHER THING! UNFAIR RANKING MATCHES! I currently have 4720 trophies. It is matching me in ranked with guys that have 7000-8000 trophies. Twice I raced with a guy named “bondo”. He is world champion and has 10500+ trophies. There is also a bug where if I just barely tap a fusion when racing, my car flys off up into the sky. Overall, skidstorm is “ok”. It’s getting worse though. I would like to raise my star rating if you can fix ranked. Make it FAIR. match you with people with the same car as you, and very similar upgrades. That would make it very fair. And this bug where it keeps freezing in ranked NEEDS to be fixed. Oh, and to other players, if you have 4500+ trophies, join PALZ clan! We need you! My username is “GiftedCashew”
  • Glitchy

    By Imontheteam
    A lot of times when i hit a jump it glitches and makes my car go in a different direction, it’s very annoying when I’m in first and it messes me up
  • first

    By dannybrown23
    It is a great game and really fun. My only problem with it, which took all the fun out of it, is how you can buy cars, you have to unlock them. The sad thing is there’s two types of currently in the game, coins and tokens. Coins can upgrade your car but not unlock any other car, that’s what diamonds are for. The game gives you very little diamonds, making the unlocking of cars a tedious process of racing and winning only 1 to 2 diamonds, when you need more than 500 to unlock a vehicle. This really slowed down my progress. And instead of giving options to earn plentiful amounts of diamonds they encourage you to spend money to buy them to unlock the car, which leads you to race against those with no skill but the money to have a car they can’t handle. I can’t explain the numerous times I’ve raced a much better vehicle and easily won because the other person had little skill. It would be nice if the game gave you more for your efforts. As of all the ads wasn’t enough money; I think most of us can’t be bothered to spend 4.99 on a crate of diamonds to unlock a car.
  • Terrible. And very unbalanced

    By Nsjxbdnfkvvhvhdjdncb
    The game literally gets impossible at the end of stage one. And every two seconds there’s an 5 dollar ad poppup as if anyone would spend money on this mistake of a game. The developers are so sad, the “multiplayer” is just more bots lol. Whatever company this is. Stop making games, you’re a horrible company. And more than half of the maps are literally IMPOSSIBLE. How brain dead would someone be to actually pay for anything in this game? I’d me matched against cars 3 or for ranks higher than me. Joke of a racing game. I really hope all of these developers get shot in both of their legs to learn their lesson.
  • Irritated

    By a noy ed
    I really love this game, but......I get tired of racing people that are not in your level!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE A PLACE FOR US TO REPORT VIOLATORS!!!! It doesn’t change anything. I still race a&/$;)$holes who just jump levels because they can’t beat someone in there own level !!! It is so annoying that you can’t stop people from cheating..
  • Awesome gameplay

    By KeeperOfKeys
    I’m an adult gamer and this game deserves to be on top! It’s fun, addictive, and the ads aren’t that bad at all to deal with. I will buy this game because it’s on my top 10 and they don’t bust ballls on ads. So they deserve to get paid. Buy this game!