Creature Garden by Tinybop

Creature Garden by Tinybop

By Tinybop Inc.

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2017-06-12
  • Current Version: 1.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 182.89 MB
  • Developer: Tinybop Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 74 Ratings


Create wonderful, incredible, and fantastical creatures. Give them hooves and horns, wings and beaks, or paws and claws. Fun for creative, curious, and kind kids! Play with your creatures in a wild garden of your own creation. Cross two creatures to see what new breeds you can make. The Creature Garden is No. 6 in Tinybop's Digital Toys series which let kids create their own worlds. Each Digital Toys app is an open-ended construction kit for kids to build, test, and play. Kids develop creative-thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling skills. FEATURES + Build thousands of different creatures from 100+ parts. + Test your creatures to see if they will (or won’t!) walk, swim, and fly. + Save and organize all your creatures in a curiosity cabinet. + Create a garden for your creatures to live in. + Play with, feed, and groom your creatures. + Creatures eat, sleep, and poop! + Cross your creatures to create new breeds. + Race your creatures. See which is the fastest. + Make races harder with obstacles. + Keep track of your creatures’ best statistics. + Easy-to-use, safe, and kid-friendly design. + Multi-user system: each child can create and save their own robots. + Entertaining for kids and adults alike. + No in-app purchases or 3rd party advertising. Play in peace! + Original artwork by Natasha Durley. + Original sound design. Privacy Policy We take your and your child’s privacy seriously. We do not collect or share personal information about your child. We do not allow any third-party advertising. If the camera, microphone, and other services are used in an app, your information is not collected or distributed outside of the app. Read our complete privacy policy at About Tinybop is a Brooklyn-based studio of designers, engineers, and artists. We make toys for tomorrow. We’re all over the internet. Visit us: Follow us: Like us: See us: We love hearing your stories! Reach out: Psst! It's not Tiny Bop, or Tiny Bob, or Tiny Pop. It's Tinybop.



  • Needs lots more animal parts!

    By Zwahlen2003
    Awesome game just needs more animal parts and tests.when you add more animals you should add more water animals and land animals. Also you should add mythical creature body parts. Also add more things to go with the animals. And instead of a Chaney where they are all kept their should be a zoo button where you can design or create a tiny habitat where each creature can live. Oh and add more aquatic Dinosaur parts. Besides those request love the game super fun and addicting even though I am 16. Hopefully you will add more animal parts really soon. Can’t wait to see what will be added.
  • Ummmmm........MY PROGRESS!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    By Hbicbetch
    This GAME DELETED MY PROGRESS!!!! In like less then 2 months I haft to show my grandma my animals and YOU HAVE DELETED MY PROGRESS!!!! This is not a joke. I will send another review once you made a new update and fix this. THANKS!😔😔😔😔🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️
  • Please update it with more parts

    By DRAGonvale I love That app?
    Like, Wendigo, Chupacabra, Nessie, Unicorn, Griffin, Raven, Hydra, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, a Black Panther (along with an ant) to reference the marvel movies, and a spider. Basically any creature you can think of please add it. I want more creatures. And mythical ones too! Possibly even a vampire and a bat! Plus a werewolf! Also sometimes my creatures are deleted without my permission. Please fix that.
  • Nvm

    By Frostbot Offical
    I Figured Out How To Delete Creatures. But Can You Move The Delete Creature Button So It Is More In Sight?
  • Awesome!

    By foar103
    Great app! One suggestion I have though is adding a technical manual at least.
  • Flawless

    By Ozz 1.0
    As a young adult (18-24 years old) my elephant fell over.
  • A decent game, but glitchy and has room for improvement

    By Amanda42dorky
    All in all, the game is pretty good but it does have some glitches and could definitely be improved. (Update #2: I haven't had any creatures do the head glitch since the update!) ( Update: - I believe the first glitch may have just been because I had been steadfastly refusing to update to the latest iOS version for almost a year (I don't remember why.) But I updated, and I haven't run into the glitch since then so it may have just been a goof on my part. Still keeping an eye out for it, though. - The name glitch does indeed happen every time I delete a creature, even after the update. Moving them seems to fix it, though. - The armadillo body is missing part of the walking animation in both the builder and in the world. It happens every time the armadillo body is used. - I'm very happy to hear that you liked my ideas! If I have anymore, I'll be sure to share them! - Sorry for not emailing, it's a bit easier to just edit my review rather than log in to type up an email. Sorry if its inconveniencing! ) I'm not sure what causes it, but for some reason after making a creature, when I go into the world view after naming it the head of the creature will move into the body. It probably has something to do with certain mouth/eye/ear combinations on the head, since it can be fixed by switching out one or two of the parts (had a zebra headed creature with axolotl gills, flamingo eyes and a butterfly proboscis, but had to switch out the zebra head for the cheetah one). I run into this glitch every other creature I make, so it's kind of a game breaker for me. There was a recent glitch where the names of my creatures got switched up after deleting one of them. Chicken Wing became Turkey Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich switched with Fruit Salad, there were two Ham Bones.. it was weird. But going through and clicking on them returned the proper name to each creature, so it's not that big of an issue. Another thing, the armadillo body seems to be missing part of it's movement for the walking/running animation. It will start properly, then freeze on the middle frame for a second, then go back and play the first part again, as if the part where the shell plates come back together again simply isn't there. Those so far are the only glitches I've run into with the game, so here are some suggestions of things I'd like to see. These are just ideas, not necessarily things that have to be implemented. I hope they at least give y'all some ideas if you don't plan to ever use them. At first it bothered me that this game doesn't have the ability to change colors like in some of the other Tinybop games (like the robot and monster builders), but I've grown to like the way the creatures resemble chimeras or other monsters of mythology. If anything, some part variants would be interesting. A tab could open when a part with variants is clicked on, allowing a player to scroll through that and pick a variant. For example, tap on the butterfly wings and see monarch, swallowtail and maybe moth wings, like from the luna moth, to choose from. The game could also use some parts for the pieces of the animal kingdom that aren't covered, such as canine and lupine, which there aren't any of yet. Wolves and foxes are iconic members of those two families, so parts from them would make a great edition. Another thing would be some talons or other bird-like feet, since all the game has at the moment are those wacky duck/goose feet. A few parts that would be really interesting to work with: - A pangolin tail/body - Sloth arms where the creature walks on the wrists like a sloth walks on the ground - An octopus tentacle that could be used as a tail or legs - A peacock tail in the closed position that could open as an idle animation - Lobster or crayfish claws/legs - Some fuzzy arachnid legs, like those of a tarantula or wolf spider - Some moray eel parts, specifically the head and tail One thing I would personally love to see added in is a barn owl head/face. I love them simply for how unique they look compared to other birds and it would be awesome to see what other people could create with it if it were to be added. That's all I have to suggest for now. Sorry for the long review and thanks for reading!

    By BelleMcGo
    Hey! Thanks for making this game, but it should have more bodies, tests, and parts, but other than that, this game is awesome! Oh. Sure! I would love it if it had defense tests, courage tests, and breath holding tests. I will explain on tinybop monsters. Keep it up! And please delete that glitch that deletes all my avatars. Thanks!!! Oh, sometimes when I turn the iPad off. It's not happening too much anymore, but sometimes. Sometimes, my sister tells me: Sister! Where's my abatarb? (She says it very silly.) Thanks! Hope you have a good day,Tinybop Inc.!
  • Umm?

    I got the game but i don't have all the items is this a scam or is this just a glitch? I love ur games but I really want to make more animals also here's a update to it I was very confused about what happend but I understand now but thank you for responding!
  • It's the best

    By jan jan panda
    It's so creative and fun