Cell Connect

Cell Connect

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

Score: 4.5
From 579 Ratings


# High scores are hard to obtain in this challenging game, according to gamers worldwide # How to play? In a checkerboard of limited cells, your mission is to connect at least 4 cells with the same number to create a bigger number. After each round, more random numbers would appear, increasing the difficulty of game. Now let's see who can get the highest score. Features: • Easy to play but hard to master. • Checkerboard + cells to merge, bringing you a fresh game experience. • Endless cells + random numbers, making it progressively difficult. • Strategize to achieve high scores! New Features of "Cell Connect": Brand new weekly challenge presents a different checkerboard and gameplay every week. Come join worldwide players and meet the thrilling challenge! "Cell Connect" is a fun but challenging game. Come and give it a try!



  • Game is fun, ads restrict play

    By Ron4543
    Ads consistently cover the screen to where I have to force close the screen to get it back to the bottom of the screen.
  • Great game!

    By Whogara
    This game is fun, challenging, and easy to pick up and put down if you only have a couple of minutes to play. Thanks for a great brain stimulating game.
  • Get rid of the ads

    By HappyBlogger1
    This is a good game except for the ads which keep you from viewing the board and playing the game. I tried the match up and couldn’t play because the ads covered the instructions preventing me from reading them.
  • Never able to buy or earn cards

    By Kmeeki
    I like playing the games but every time I buy a card, the game takes my coins or diamonds but gives me nothing. What is the point of saying you can buy cards if you cannot?
  • Cell connect

    Addictive yet relaxing
  • Cell Connect

    By Maryann Jimenez
    I really enjoy this game and it a lot fun and you just want to get some more playing and I thank you for such a great game.🎆💜🌈❤️
  • Love it! No issues

    By BTM Says
    Great game for keeping your mind sharp yet easy enough to learn quickly. Exhilarating too. I’ve been playing only 4 days and absolutely love it. I appreciate the ability to undo a move for free by watching a 30 second ad (or can use coins I think). Enjoy!
  • Where’s my cards

    By Roblace
    I also purchased cards today and lost the cards and the diamonds because the game froze. I am enjoyed this game a lot and it was my first time to try and buy cards with diamonds, that was a waste. It takes a long time to get all those diamonds and now I have no cards or diamonds fix the bugs.
  • Where are my cards?

    By Motmoi
    I just purchased cards using diamonds and coins. 5 diamonds were deducted and 6400 coins deducted. However after purchasing them it says “open here” and you are unable to open them. My three card sets never showed up! I am unable to any locate app support under developer website. I really like this game and I will change my rating AFTER my diamonds, coins and these problems are REFUNDED/FIXED!
  • Love the game but...

    By Hopeking07
    Every time I go into the cards selection my phone freezes. First time, I had a basic pack and 3800 gold coins... froze and lost the pack. So then I purchased another pack... and it froze... so now I’m out the coins and I have ZERO cards... nice!