Cell Connect

Cell Connect

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

Score: 4.5
From 609 Ratings


# High scores are hard to obtain in this challenging game, according to gamers worldwide # How to play? In a checkerboard of limited cells, your mission is to connect at least 4 cells with the same number to create a bigger number. After each round, more random numbers would appear, increasing the difficulty of game. Now let's see who can get the highest score. Features: • Easy to play but hard to master. • Checkerboard + cells to merge, bringing you a fresh game experience. • Endless cells + random numbers, making it progressively difficult. • Strategize to achieve high scores! New Features of "Cell Connect": Brand new weekly challenge presents a different checkerboard and gameplay every week. Come join worldwide players and meet the thrilling challenge! "Cell Connect" is a fun but challenging game. Come and give it a try!



  • Loved this game once but now...

    By AKClassic
    It appears the adds have ruined this game!!! They interrupt the game. On top of that sometimes move you start don’t occur...in other words the number doesn’t move where you want then the game is quickly over. Frustrating!!!
  • Need to fix your pop ups

    By berrys123
    I really loved this game but now that I got a new phone there is an ad that pops up right in the middle of the screen
  • Game is fun, ads restrict play

    By Ron4543
    Ads consistently cover the screen to where I have to force close the screen to get it back to the bottom of the screen.
  • Great game!

    By Whogara
    This game is fun, challenging, and easy to pick up and put down if you only have a couple of minutes to play. Thanks for a great brain stimulating game.
  • Get rid of the ads

    By HappyBlogger1
    This is a good game except for the ads which keep you from viewing the board and playing the game. I tried the match up and couldn’t play because the ads covered the instructions preventing me from reading them.
  • Never able to buy or earn cards

    By Kmeeki
    I like playing the games but every time I buy a card, the game takes my coins or diamonds but gives me nothing. What is the point of saying you can buy cards if you cannot?
  • Cell connect

    Addictive yet relaxing
  • Cell Connect

    By Maryann Jimenez
    I really enjoy this game and it a lot fun and you just want to get some more playing and I thank you for such a great game.🎆💜🌈❤️
  • Love it! No issues

    By BTM Says
    Great game for keeping your mind sharp yet easy enough to learn quickly. Exhilarating too. I’ve been playing only 4 days and absolutely love it. I appreciate the ability to undo a move for free by watching a 30 second ad (or can use coins I think). Enjoy!
  • Where’s my cards

    By Roblace
    I also purchased cards today and lost the cards and the diamonds because the game froze. I am enjoyed this game a lot and it was my first time to try and buy cards with diamonds, that was a waste. It takes a long time to get all those diamonds and now I have no cards or diamonds fix the bugs.