Decisive Battle Pacific

Decisive Battle Pacific


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-09-10
  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 83.54 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 921 Ratings


In the series of virtual naval warfare, military leaders from the world shall wish you victory. With the exquisite scenes and real battle experience, you will become the commander who fight in all kinds of legendary wars. What are you waiting for? Join us now! ----------Introduction---------- In the game, you will be playing as a commander in the virtual world. By developing your fleet, guiding it on its way to invincibility through countless battles on the sea, you will find all sorts of precious resources and risk to be discovered in the vast sea. It may be a little lonely fighting alone, so build up your alliance and expand your territorial sea with your friends! -------------Features------------- - Exquisite real scenes and details, as well as vivid battle scenarios; - A strategy game that puts forth true to life naval struggling between fleets; - An equipment upgrade system that allows your battleships to be invincible; - Journeys to the battlefield and conquering countries with your alliance to be rewarded with large resource bonus; - The brand new general system inviting WWII military leaders to your fleet to help you conquer the sea; - Among PVP and PVE battles, the world BOSS awaits your challenge with glamorous rewards! 1. New system and gameplay Show you the world of naval warfare 2. Here come the core armors Guard you on the way of fierce battles 3. Air-to-air ordnance for long range attacks Begin your journey and conquer as the king 4. Take islands and plunders Build your unequalled naval base



  • Crashing

    By Jelly578
    Game doesn’t load and I tried reloading it several times. Does anyone have this problem today? It’s 03/20/18
  • Android to iPhone

    By mstg96
    Have a little trouble is finding the game for the iPhone when I find Aaron Warhorse it won’t allow me to use my name
  • Thievery

    By smack a bellow
    The game developers play in the game. If you get with in reach of these your accounts will be stolen and stripped of all you have invested. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Beware!

    By Peeknpie
    Had fun at first. Got friends and family to join then BAM all of our ships gone, accounts stolen and hacked. Not fair when designers use inside code to steal from players.
  • No chance

    By gameplayer96820
    Was a very good game when I started. There was a chance for everyone to grow and build. Then there was a merger and more people less chance to grow. Imagine feeding your animals the same amount of food but getting more animals. Hard to survive at first but got to expand and grow. Till the last merger, double the amount of people no room to grow. No chance to play challenges. This game has gotten bad. Need to do something to make everyone have a chance!!
  • Scam! Game programmer gives cheats to his friends on the game!

    By The Ark(83)
    Iv been playing this game for 1 year and 2-3 months and I can say from experience it’s a waste of time and $. The programmer known as Garry is corrupt. He only helps his friends on the game. Iv spent close to $6,000 on this game and hope to be getting a refund from Apple soon. Google play has removed this game from their apps list and is giving players FULL REFUNDS due to the scam and loop holes GARRY put in for his friends. DO NOT make the same mistake as many have. Try a different game. I recommend avoiding any AOK Game!
  • Buggy and a huge money pit

    By Winter Soldier(40)
    After playing this game for a few months I’ve released that the developer is not too concerned about making the game enjoyable as he is about making money. They combined several servers and many of my friends have left the game due to the over crowded space and events after the merges. The chances of getting high ranking generals have decreased and the pirate wars are simply not fun anymore as the game crashes due to technical issues. I wouldn’t recommend this game especially lately since several of my friends can’t even purchase in game money.
  • big brother

    By Papa Homer David
    Good game. Is very slow to develop fleet unless you are willing to spend money. Once you do start to spend, it takes a 12 step program to stop. A big complaint is the diff level of diamond packs, do not match the reward bonus’s for buying. When you read other reviews, beware of the whiners of the world. Game deserves more attention to detail then developers give it.
  • Money pit

    By guy from VEN
    You can spent hundreds of dollars on this game, probably if you wanna spend that much you can spend it on every game consul out there instead an iPhone game. Worse yet, it feels at time that you lose power because the developers want you to do you will spend the money to get revenge. Be careful fellows!
  • Money SCAM!

    By Starbuck Conyers
    After playing this game for a few months now I have tried pretty much every strategy to get ahead in this game WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY and concluded that ITS NOT POSSIBLE! There are insane people that play this game that are at VIP levels greater than 10, which means they’ve spent over $20,000 to get to that level and you can’t beat them without spending a similar amount. Also, I’m a Software Test Engineer with a BS from Purdue by trade with more than 10 years of experience and I have found MANY major bugs with this game. Please learn from my mistakes and don’t waste your time or money with this game. There are many other similar games that have a far better user experience and satisfaction rating.