Pooch - your personal dog trainer

Pooch - your personal dog trainer

By Pooch Inc.

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-09-10
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 79.87 MB
  • Developer: Pooch Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 100 Ratings


Pooch is your dog training resource for teaching your pup new tricks, for you to be an amazing dog trainer, and to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. • Teach your dog multiple tricks and good doggy behavior • Learn humane training principles that will make you a better trainer and get faster results • Learn positive reinforcement strategies for long lasting results • Take pictures and capture your pup's favorite moments • Track your dog's learning history, weight, training and feeding schedule • Train multiple dogs while tracking their separate progress



  • Amazing

    This app is perfect and my dog is learning so much! Thanks for this app! ❤️ This app is so good and works really well! 😛🐶
  • The best app ever!!

    By Cok basarılı ve faydalı
    The best app ever! I love it, I taught every thing to my dog by Pooch! Simple, clear and effective!!
  • Misleading

    By anaz920
    Only basic training skills (sit, shake, lay, crate training) are included for free on this app. Everything else must be paid for. False advertising- there is no indication of the paid subscription/in-app purchases that are required for (hardly) more advanced training. Surprised this got so many good reviews. Probably bought their reviews.
  • Pooch: An Additional Resource for Traditional Dog Training

    By Rojasas
    Pooch is an emerging app dedicated to teaching dogs new tricks and “good doggy behavior.” In order to do this, the company posts easy to follow steps with pictures for teaching our dogs tasks such as sit, shake, and lay. The application also has more complex programs to house and crate train dogs. Additionally, Pooch provides the user with “principles” to follow in order to be an effective trainer. By following these principles, Pooch claims, results can be achieved in a shorter amount of time. Pooch also serves as a logbook. By utilizing this feature of the app, users have the ability to track their dog’s progress and even create a training schedule. The company also markets their humane training techniques. Pooch claims that their scientifically proven techniques will lead to faster results and “also strengthen the bond between you and your dog.” While this is information alone is enough to persuade some people into downloading the app, others may want to know if the dog training service the app provides is actually effective In order to construct my review of Pooch, I created a set of standards for the application. For one, the overall usability of the application was graded. I asked myself questions such as, “Is this application easy to navigate?” and “Are the instructions for training your dog through this interface easy to understand and follow?” Another aspect of the application I analyzed is the overall visual appeal of the app. In order to analyze this aspect of the sight, I looked at font, color schemes, and graphics. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, I concluded whether or not the application is effective. In other words, does this application aid in training dogs or not. To reach my conclusion, I decided to test the application on my own dog. I then rated Pooch on effectiveness based on whether my dog could perform the new desired behaviors. Aesthetic: To start, the layout and design of the Pooch application is simple, but stunning. I was worried the app would be to complex and wordy but I was terribly wrong. The orange and blue graphics are easy on the eyes and the individual modules for each given task is brilliant. Additionally, the small illustrations accompanying each step were very informative and enhanced the user experience. When it comes to organization and design, Pooch did an absolutely amazing job. Usability: In regard to usability, Pooch would receive five out of five stars. The guided training modules are very easy to follow along with. Along with that, Pooch displays their principles above the training modules for the user to see. This is incredibly wise when considering most people would likely jump right into training without viewing the principles if they were located somewhere else. The only suggestion I would have is to create an easier way to switch between each dog’s profile. Upon my first time using the application, it took me a substantial amount of time to figure out how to do so. Effectiveness: When Pooch is used as the primary source of training, results are non-existent. After a five-day trial of the app, using the principles and techniques emphasized by Pooch, my dog was unable to learn any new behavior besides sit. Considering that the app is supposed to be a stand-alone source of dog training, I was shocked at the ineffectiveness. When used in conjunction with traditional dog training, the logbook feature of Pooch has potential. The log book would be an ideal place to track additional at home training sessions as well as your dog’s overall wellness. For example, the logbook aspect of Pooch would allow you to track a puppy’s weight, eating habits, as well as their upcoming training sessions. This is incredibly helpful given that most trainers provide this information to their clients. Additionally, Pooch has easy to use modules for basic commands that could serve as “homework” for in person training sessions. From my personal experience, the training offered by Pooch was not suitable for a dog with no training at all, but, my older dogs who had training were able to perform the tasks desired. This is why I suggest using Pooch as a place to review rather than the main source of training. Final Thoughts: Overall, I think the concept behind Pooch is great. I also think the aesthetic appeal and usability of the app is off the charts. The modules are easy to understand and navigating the app is a breeze. When it comes to the effectiveness of the app, I’d rate Pooch 2.5 out of 5 stars. Though the app is easy to use, the training techniques offered by the app had little impact on my dog. With that being said, a dog who is currently being trained by an actual dog trainer would be a good candidate for this app. I believe Pooch is best used along with a traditional dog trainer as additional practice and a logbook to track your dog’s progress. In other words, Pooch does not eliminate the need for a traditional dog trainer.
  • Fantastic for new owners!

    By LillyShertigal
    I have had the responsibility of training my dog for the last 4 years. My brother is new to it all, but I can’t help him train his dog most of the time (stupid work😅) and after a bit of searching I found this app and it’s really helped him when I can’t. It’s wonderful! I do wish you could pick the commands you find most important to train first, but the system it has now works just fine:)
  • For the basics

    By Makita_The_Cat
    The app was really helpful in managing your dog, feeding reminders and so on but after your dog learns sit, down, shake, house training, and kennel training it costs money.

    By Amazingaday
    Lov it
  • Great and handy

    By JP3*
    Basic, logical lessons but it comes in handy when teaching your dog new tricks or bette behavior. I use this to keep tabs on what she’s learned and what’s next. 5 stars no reason to give it anything less
  • Horrible

    By KeriWMJFan
    Don’t bother downloading I was looking for something to help me with my puppy but all that was in the app you can find doing a google search; leave your phones memory for something else
  • Huh

    By Fredyred
    It has great advice and training methods but once I complete lay it did not give me more lessons for more skills it just said complete the rest of first lesson to get a new lesson BUT THERE WAS NO MORE LESSONS!!!!!!!