Soundboard Studio - Custom Soundboards for Professional Podcasting, Radio Shows and Musicians

Soundboard Studio - Custom Soundboards for Professional Podcasting, Radio Shows and Musicians

By JoeAllenPro Limited

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2016-03-07
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 7.52 MB
  • Developer: JoeAllenPro Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
Score: 3
From 27 Ratings


"This app does what a $1800 unit does and does it better." Soundboard Studio lets you take your podcast, live show, gig or performance to the next level. It’s a low-latency professional soundboard app for instant audio playback. Recent comments: - "This is for serious professionals, so if that's you, add this app to your arsenal immediately." - "Best Soundboard App I've Used Yet" - "Podcasters, look no further: This is your soundboard app!" - "This app is professional grade and made for—you guessed it—professionals! You won't regret this investment." Key features... - Import tracks from your music library - Import tracks & files from Dropbox - Use iTunes File Sharing to import files from your computer - Copy files from your favourite apps - Switch between four boards - Play multiple tracks simultaneously - Loop individual tracks - Seeking controls - Master Pause function - Set 'in' and 'out' points for individual tracks - See time elapsed and time remaining for all playing tracks - Customisable default track settings - Drag-and-drop to rearrange tracks Perfect for... - Podcasters - DJs - Voice presenters - Live theatre - School teachers - Theme park live shows - Wedding planners - Choreographers - Stage Managers - Church services - Magicians - Puppeteers - Dance recitals Soundboard Studio also makes it easy to see which tracks are playing, which tracks you have already played and even the current progress of any playing tracks. No other soundboard app comes close to the versatility, usability and experience of using Soundboard Studio.



  • Waste of money, I guess. Seems abandoned.

    By Robacarp
    I bought this so I could make a soundboard from music in Music. Specifically I wanted to be able to tune the start and stop points for a song. Changing the start and stop position of a clip is limited to 1-second resolution, and the interface to jog +/- is really frustrating to use. For $40, I was expecting a premium app.
  • Good but Needs Improvement

    By VoDkAvi
    Sorting sounds takes forever. Wish when u went in rearrange mode it stayed like that until u turned the mode off instead of it auto closing when u move 1 thing. After an import it’s not alphabetical so it gets real tedious. Tried a few methods of importing. during testing I had to delete 50 sounds one by one. A multiple select function would be nice as well. 4 sections is fine but if I could differentiate sections within the 4 with something like button colors or a icons that would be amazing 2. Other than that it works and looks great with the existing features. Some minor improvements and its 5 stars easily.
  • Waste of money

    By jimdaudio2
    I just wasted 38.00 for this crap!!!!! Should be 3 dollars.Dropbox import does always work. Import for music app won’t read any of the track information. I don’t know how they can call this a professional app. Stay away from this app!!!!!!!!!!
  • Track Start and end Times

    By crows4hire
    The in and out times are controlled by a slider which defies accuracy. The in and outs need to be controlled by a text field or some more reliable method of picking a time. I spent 3 minutes trying to adjust my track start time (both with my finger and a stylus) to 1:06. Even if you can get it there, as soon as you lift your finger, the time changes.
  • Don’t buy... Doesn’t work with iPhone X

    By Dare_Bear 101
    Used it for years, but the app no longer works with iPhone X after recent update. Sound will NOT play on a Bluetooth enabled speaker. No support... no response... no assistance. Very frustrating for so much money with ZERO support.
  • Rating Pop Up

    By Funnybee101
    Will you please, please, PLEASE, do something about that rating pop up? There’s no way to get off the page! Even if you select a rating, the page stays. The only way to get out of it is to close out the app entirely. Even so, opening the app and attempting to add tracks brings the dreaded pop up, rendering the app completely unusable. I paid $39 for this and would like to be able to use it. I’ve never seen an app use a rating pop up that didn’t give the options to decline or put off a rating until later. It’s kind of self defeating to try to force someone to rate your work by holding their app hostage, isn’t it? Before you respond by asking why I didn’t contact support, know that I *did* contact support and nothing has been fixed. Since Soundboard Studio is adamant about receiving a rating, I’ve given one: 1 star.
  • Literally stopped working, developer unresponsive

    By Michael Heilemann
    I had high hopes for this app, but a few hours into my setting it up with all the sounds I wanted it to have, it simply stopped working, crashing whenever I would attempt to play a sound. I tried everything I could imagine, but nothing made it come back to life. I submitted a ticket through the website, but heard nothing back. So I pinged the developer on Twitter, after a few days he wrote me back, telling me to email him since he hadn’t seen the ticket. So I did. I heard nothing back. I pinged him again both by email and Twitter, but he never responded again, and the app still isn’t working.
  • Don't spend the money!

    By tyklocke
    I bought this for $40 thinking at that price point it would be a professional app. Couldn't be more wrong! Very limited functionality. Not at all customizable. Very buggy. If you are a professional look elsewhere.
  • It's good, but room for improvements

    By LegnarEkim
    4-12-17 UPDATE REVIEW - I just noticed 2 more issues. 1. While playing a sound file and you want to make the screen brighter or darker while playing a sound live, it will fade whatever you're playing on your device. 2. Even though I have selected on each track "stop all other tracks" it adds a fade from jumping from one to another. In order to fix this I need to go to the main settings on the top left corner and make the fade out duration to 0.2 (not even 0). By doing this, it does get rid of the fade when jumping from one truck to another, but now you loose fades on individual tracks. 4-3-2017 UPDATE REVIEW - I am updating my review after going back and forth with the app maker. I just found out that the only way to delete an entire BOARD/PAGE/RACK is by doing one of the following: Option 1. You need to delete the app and then reinstalling it all over again. The issue with this way....what if you don't have an internet connection so I can reinstall it again??? Option 2. Connect your IPad to a computer and use iTunes. From there use the File Sharing option to delete all files. The issue with this option.... I rarely travel with a laptop or computer. Not only that, but by deleting everything your settings such as fades and other settings will be lost!! Why is there no DELETE ALL button?!?! For paying over $30 this should be included. I use about 30-60 audio files and those 2 options are the only way? I guess I need to delete one by one in order for the settings to still be there. This is terrible. I guess I should be happy that there is a PLAY button. So I just purchased this app. I come with a radio background of over 10 yrs. Back then we used an Instant Replay by 360 Systems. So this app is similar, but more up to date with times. What I believe this would make a much better app is the following: 1. Allow us to make tracks flash on and off 30, 20, or 10 seconds before it ends. This is very helpful to alert us if we are not looking closely. The flashing track/box will sure get your attention. 2. The ability to allow us to change the color of the track (box). Just like in radio or on tv networks, there is a universal understanding of the colors Green, Yellow, and Red. A Green color box indicates that it is playing. Yellow would mean a track is on standby. Meaning it has not been played at all. Lastly, Red would mean it has finished playing or stopped. This is a big help. 3. Give access to give each track a fade in and fade out time or seconds. 4. The chance for us to give commands to each track when played. For example, if one track is playing, when we press another track we should be able to do the following...when you touch a new/un-played track, we should be able to also add a fade time to the old track or completely stopping it. 5. Text Size. 6. Color themes or the ability to make it either darker colors or brighter colors for our eyes. 7. A button or better way to scroll down without accidentally pressing another track. Also, maybe a big button to fade what ever is playing. I believe the bottom button it is too small. These are amazing suggestions that would tremendously be a big help to all of us.
  • Almost perfect!

    By SwainFlu
    We just switched from using Emcee Pro on an old laptop to running our tracks from an iPad. I had looked into other programs like SoundCue and Soundboard, but I didn't like the limit of 125 for SoundCue and Soundboard did not work on the latest iOS. The unlimited tracks of Soundboard Studio brought me in; the ease of use kept me here. I love this app! I would like to have the Edit mode for moving tracks continue over multiple moves rather than turn off after every single move. I'd also like to be able to color code certain groups of tracks to make it easier to differentiate between projects/collections. Having the ability to possibly cue up a track to play right after the current one finishes would be nice as well. Even without these features, Soundboard Studio is as close to perfect as you'll find for this purpose. Great app!