• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-06-29
  • Current Version: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 108.91 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 44,579 Ratings


So begins a new tale of crystals... Enjoy a grand new adventure in the classic FINAL FANTASY tradition, as SQUARE ENIX presents an original FINAL FANTASY title for your smartphone! Join forces with legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand. With exciting battles, awe-inspiring visuals, and a whole realm to explore, this is one epic journey you won’t want to miss! ========================================= Features - Intuitive and strategic battles Unleash devastating attacks with a tap of your finger, and combine magical abilities with tactical know-how to overpower your foes! Join forces with Cecil, Terra, Vivi, Vaan, and other legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand. And that’s not all—summon legendary FINAL FANTASY espers like Shiva, Ifrit, and more with awe-inspiring visuals! - A vast realm to explore Roam freely through exotic locales, and delve into perilous dungeons to search for items, rare treasures, hidden passages, and routes to new destinations! Converse with the denizens of the realm and undertake challenging quests to reap items, gil, and even rare rewards. Enjoy all the wonders of a grand RPG in the palm of your hand! ========================================= Story Visions―― The hopes and dreams of legendary warriors given life. Lapis―― A world of crystals and the visions that slumber within. Harnessing the power of the crystals, mankind prospered, nations flourished. But just as day gives way to night, that era of peace proved but a fleeting illusion. Now, as their world stands on the precipice of ruin, two young knights summon visions to their side as they strike out on a journey to chase the shadows. So begins a new tale of crystals, and the heroes who would save them...



  • Awesome Game, Horrible Developers

    By Toofine88
    For a free to play gacha game you can get a surprising amount of content and play time at a really good quality. The fights are fun, the battles can take some skill, the story and exploration missions are great. But Gumi is awful. The repeatedly add game breaking bugs, fail to communicate, and fail to respect their players’ time and money (for those of you willing to spend it). Worth trying, but be warned.
  • Final Fantasy fans will enjoy

    By bljeter2
    The game overall is really a lot of fun to play. I have been playing it for a while now and it keeps my interest very easily. If you are a Final Fantasy fan you will get so much enjoyment out of this because there are characters from all the previous titles. You can pay to win but you do not have to. Just take your time a level a bit and you can overcome the obstacle.
  • Terrible customer service

    By BMDizzle
    The game is pretty decent, though it has been trending toward benefiting paying players considerably more than f2p. The issue is the customer support. The support is atrocious. It takes several days to get a response, and 9/10 times it will be “wait for updates” though the updates never come. The constant maintenance, updates, and bug fixes (major and minor) don’t leave the player with much confidence about the consistency of your account. If you inquire about your own personal account, you will get no answer. I would recommend the game only as a free game, the support is just not adequate enough to spend money on.
  • Down all the time

    By WazzGoodman
    This app is down for maintenance constantly. Why can’t they take the servers down during the day when people are busy with life?
  • Alex

    By Alextacoz
    I love it sooo epic✨😃😁
  • Free to win pay to cheese

    By Archeo5527
    I’ve played more than enough mobile games to notice if any free game to play game is supposed to be a cash grab. And while at first I thought this was one of those and it would end up being a somewhat bland story behind content that could only be beaten by a p2w game. As I played the story however i found it to be a pretty good plot similar to that of the older final fantasy games which were some of my favorite plots in almost any game I was also happily surprised to find none of the story was incredibly difficult it was put a just perfect difficulty that you have to learn the general mechanics of the game but not have pay to win and excessively know every mechanic and stat scaling ability or material out there. Perhaps the best part of the game is the trial bosses as a free to play player when I first tried to fight Gilgamesh I got destroyed. But as I played against him more and more I noticed patterns like how when rain attacked with lava floor he wouldn’t use to abilities and I later learned after using elements of damage on him he wouldn’t be able to use certain skills so with that knowledge I was able to beat a trial with my only five star at the time being a noctis I used the same analyze and retry vs Bahamut and eventually beat him to and did the same for the first ten man trial. Later I decided to get rewards for Gilgamesh trial I missed the first time and thought that the chizuru has more dodge than noctis and found that even with a team of less than five star base on everyone all the trials and bosses were still bearable. Five star are just luxury units not needed in any way though they do make things easy it’s doable without paying for more draws than the nearly overly generous daily crystal grind allows. I now have a multitude of five star bases like 30 or 40 or something and have like all except the newest three trails completed which I’m still learning patterns for thresholds for despite not paying a single dime. I do know however that people who did pay if that’s the way your planning on going were able to get like five different dragon killer abilities and one turn ko the Bahamut which I feel like is a very healthy spot for this game in particular I would recommend it to anyone looking for a phone game and I find my self enjoying the game very much.
  • Decent game, terrible developers

    By GarnetIncarnate
    Inconsistent and sometimes even inaccurate communication with the player base from the developers isn’t enough to overcome an otherwise decent game.
  • Gran juego pero

    By Isra apple
    Es un juego divertido que en mi opinión demuestra la vigencia del juego por turnos en los tiempos actuales creo que podría tener cosas como batallas en tiempo real con otros jugadores o competir con otros jugadores por ítems limitados no se destacar el echo de comunidad y convivencia con otros jugadores por lo demás gran juego y muy buen trabajo
  • Great game

    By robsully00
    I have played many games like this one and the final fantasy iteration is by far the best due to constant detailed updates attentive devs and final fantasy lore.
  • Latest update filled with bugs.

    By pjtan1338
    Not worth playing with so many bugs.