Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

Score: 4.5
From 39,679 Ratings


A challenging and interesting game where traps and barriers make you addicted. Rolling Sky is a game that pushes the boundaries of your speed and reaction. The splendid 3D effect scene enables you to experience the imaginary traps and barriers. Now, let's control the ball and conquer the world by overcoming challenges. How to play? Drag the ball left or right and avoid all obstacles. Do not deviate from track! Come on! Relentless pursuit of super speed. You can be faster along with the music rhythm! Features: • One-touch control & simple operation • Stunning 3D stereo visual • Rich scenes: massif, cosmos, forest, snowfield, inferno • A challenge to speed and reflex Follow and contact us: It’s pleasant to receive your valuable suggestions. We invite you join us in game improvement and upgrade. Contact us! Privacy Policy :



  • Love I am on level 10

    By lexb111
    I love this game it is so much fun I love it I don't think anybody got to my level because people are so busy these days right
  • So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!😘🔥❤️😍💫🙈👍🏼😒😒❤️🌰😒🤓🌰😍

    By haya😜🤓🎶🙈luv
    This game is amazing!!!!!! It’s kind of hard but, you can beat it, I’m terrible at beating levels and I beated it soooo if your having second thoughts 💭 don’t!!! 😘. P.S I’m single!!!! 😘😍
  • Best Rolling Sky🌈🌸🌺❤️😍😘😻🤣

    By willow@princess❤️
    Have you ever played rolling sky? If you haven't and you want to play it then I have the best soulution for that! You can play a sample or you can download it but I downloaded it for free. I think 💭 you will love ❤️ rolling sky so I insist for you to play it because in rolling sky when you start you can pick all these different levels to play on!!!!!!!! But I stay with massif because it's a easy level to start on, and then while you play You start moving to harder and different Levels.But if you're ball 🏀 bangs into something or falls off the ground you are dead 💀 But you can start over. But l still think you'll love ❤️ it! So I really insist to play it!'😍😘😍😘😂🤣😅☺️😊😆😁😄😃😀😻🌈
  • Fun And Challenging

    By tween_dreams
    Really fun and challenging ! It can be hard and fun or easy and boring it just matters on the person 👱🏾‍♀️
  • Best

    By Kjlo7654
    Thanks for making this game I love it😍😜😝😎😄
  • Amazing and cool but........

    By Oiji board master
    The game overall is very fun but could use a few updates to get better.
  • Horrible

    By Becca Jolly
    It is way to hard and I HATE that game !
  • Add

    By Drugada
    It’s good and all but my problem is the adds the ad from the two coloring by number ad I already had it but I tried to press x the X was so small every time I tried to get out of it it would bring me to the App Store so at least make your ad exits bigger like c’mon it’s super annoying. But all I’m asking is that you should let us exit out of the ads not get stuck in a whole loop hole. Thx
  • Great game pretty much

    By Always soccer number 5
    The concept is great but to many ads or you pay to get rid of them
  • Crappy game

    By Eric Stratton (Rush Chairman)
    To many ads