Tape Measuring wall Area

Tape Measuring wall Area

By Picture Engine Company, Inc.

Score: 4.5
From 18 Ratings


Photo tape measuring app for your iPhone or iPad. ...Yeah... that just happened, watch the longer video preview at the 'Developer Website' link below. That is the app using Artificial intelligence (Machine vision) to create one touch fully automatic perspective correction of your photos to accurate frames and accurate proportions and even a good start estimate of the size of the main object in the final drawing too, (the final scale can then be easily adjusted to make the dimensions fully accurate from that starting A.I. estimate of scale). And yes you saw that correctly in the video, even a first round of automated dimensions too, easily added to, or cut out with some very usable built-in tools in this app. look at the 'developer website' and then instructions for example/instruction video's to see if this app will work for you. Take photo and add scaled measurements right on the photo, accurate and extremely quick combined (universal) iPhone & iPad app. Measuring calculator for construction, a photo measuring app. Also an image tape Measure app for DIY measures of walls, both interior or exterior. Distance and length measuring app for Architects and contractors. Calculates the Area and Perimeter of any shape you draw, or image you trace. ◉ Draw accurate Areas and perimeters with built-in tools in the app. ◉ Draw accurate dimensions on your photos, and do it to correct scale. ◉ Draw bubble detail clouds and keyNotes. ◉ Draw note boxes and use Siri to add the notes. ◉ Pinch and zoom into your photo to nearly the pixel level for complete accuracy. You have full control of your project properties, and dimension properties including color and line thickness. ◉ Change to metric or to Imperial dimensions, set up a snap grid, and/or a visual grid, also you can round your dimensions accurately. ◉ Constrain the angle of your dimensions, change the color and text background of your dimensions. ◉ Use Direct arrow dimensions, or professional Architectural offset dimensions. ◉ Full undo and redo support. ◉ Save your finished photo to your Camera Roll, and then share to your photo stream, or email your new drawing. Also AirPrint to your printers with correct scale and take a scale/ruler and measure even more objects in the photo. Professional Perspective Correction of your photos to accurate scale. Now you can take measurements directly from photos of interiors, buildings, and furniture. For construction/contractor quality management auditing, estimating for takeoffs, punch lists, incomplete work list, defects list, safety inspections, site progress reporting, site diary, site audits, as built documentation, and real estate project management. Industry Standard scales and dimensions for real estate agents, engineers, architects, contractors and DIY projects. See the Instructions and tools at "Developer Website" link below.



  • Stellar App

    By Milopbutterfinger
    This app was a dream come true of mine. It contains the functionality I needed and then some. The use of AI to automatically calculate is spot on. Kudos to the developer.
  • Update makes it worth it

    By TackleRampart
    Added the things I needed including a magnifier and being able to type in dimensions, very useful and developer answers my questions quickly, well worth the price just for the support and updates.
  • I must measure perimeters

    By Gototowne
    Easy to make perimeters around objects, it is working well it makes it easy with the tools I am using.
  • Quick, accurate.

    By SachasRibbons
    I get out a large amount of info which is immensely valuable to me, and with small amount of effort put in. little need for instructions , which is also valuable to me, great job. Great update too.
  • Interesting update very good this time

    By Kandicarn
    I normally use a laser pointer type of device with it's own app, but this app actually is faster to get info in. Now I use laser to just get one dimension, then this app does all the real work. I am pretty impressed so far.
  • Got for working on side project

    By SallyforthTask
    figuring it out was easy, measuring was easy, changing measurements even is easy. Good so far. Love the this update and it's ease of use. support is fast and with great answers thanks.
  • Massive num of tools

    By Chef fields
    Massive number of tools to work with, And I like how this is laid out. Glad that now with update I can type in an odd dimension, great improvement, I can drag out one when a surface is offset from what I am working on, that is an extremely nice addition.
  • Have both these apps now

    By Pottleround
    Wow, really speeds things up, I've already experimented with this while on a job using the other at same time, and this one has been a god send. Very fast to get measurements in. Update has my feature request thanks developer.
  • Surprising

    By Keith_£
    Works in hard to get to areas that I don't want to visit twice.
  • wrong impression

    By Fgkgkggkkggkg
    I ended up spending my money for the thing that aren't what they say it is. would not recommend this will call apple to reimburse me