Grade 1 - 5 Monster Math Games

Grade 1 - 5 Monster Math Games

By Makkajai Edu Tech Private Limited

Score: 4.5
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Monster Math is a new and improved version of the much loved Monster Math (which was named the “Best Math App” by PCAdvisorUK), one of the best educational math games for kids in Grades 1 - 5. Monster Math helps your child practice and learn over 40 skills within addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, times tables as well as factors, multiples and prime numbers. It is suited for Grades 1 – 5, with standard skill presets aligned with Common Core standards. These are also fully customisable to suit your kids’ aptitude and you can move to advanced or basic skills with a simple toggle. Detailed reports and weekly emails round up the educational features and allow you to get an in-depth view of how the kids is progressing in math! Monster Math has: 4 Completely Different and New Worlds 23 game characters Superior gameplay features and more interactivity for the kids All new artwork and soundtrack While kids explore new worlds and await new characters with bated breath, they don’t even realise they are getting better and faster at arithmetic! Monster Math is a hugely better approach to practicing mental math and doing math drills. Its story-line and interactivity is designed to quiz multiple skills at once and guide students towards improving their skills; unlike flash cards or simple quiz based apps, which only ask one question at a time. Monster Math provides a unique story and adaptive game play to tutor kids at a suitable pace. Have your kids progress through learning their core arithmetic skills while helping Maxx find Dextra! Kids love Monster Math! Monster Math Features: Tons of Adventure • Become Maxx and rescue your best friend Juno from the clutches of evil monsters! Your child can follow an engaging storyline as Maxx runs through multiple worlds and levels. Learn and Practice Math • Monster Math is better than homework, and it’s the perfect math trainer for your child. Monster Math is designed to guide struggling kids towards the right answers and has adaptive gameplay that adjusts to your child's current progress. In-Depth Reporting • Learn how your child is doing with the Common Core Standards for math. See where they need help. You can even get a skill-specific analysis, as well as weekly email updates. Unlock More with Monster Math! • Monster Math is your child’s personal homework and math trainer. It takes your child through 20 levels in 4 different worlds, encountering strange and funny monsters with exciting powers. And they defeat these monsters using basic math and problem solving skills that they use in class every day! See the skills your child could be learning with Monster Math - Basic Geometry • Identify shapes on various attributes • Symmetry Addition & Subtraction • Addition up to 20 • Subtraction up to 20 • Two-digit addition without carry over • Two-digit subtraction without borrowing Multiplication & Division • Times Tables of 1 to 12 • Divide by numbers 1 to 12 • Multiply single-digit numbers by multiples of 10 Primes, Factors and Multiples Fractions • Visual representations (1/b, a/b) • Equivalence • Whole numbers as Fractions • Comparing fractions • Basic fraction addition Decimals • Decimal equivalents to given fractions and vice-versa Monster Math concentrates on following Common Core Standards: K.G.A.2, K.G.A.3, K.G.A.4, K.OA.A.5, 1.G.A.1, 1.G.A.3, 1.NBT.C.4, 1.OA.B.3, 2.G.A.1, 2.G.A.3, 2.NBT.B.5, 2.OA.B.2, 3.G.A.1, 3.OA.C.7, 3.NBT.A.2, 3.NBT.A.3, 3.NF.A.1, 3.NF.A.3, 4.G.A.3, 4.OA.A.1, 4.NF.A.2, 4.NF.B.3, 4.NF.C.6. Let your kids practice all of their basic math skills and problem solving while they have fun. Download Monster Math now! Privacy policy: Terms of Use:



  • Monster math facts

    By LewinSArbajeJ
    Amazing game, just like all the other games this developer has made over time. Toddlers are easily guided through the most important math operations and helped understand them. Its one of the most important things for me right now
  • Monster Math facts

    By PamelaArbaje
    My kid loves it. She has learned a lot of valuable math lessons so easily, i get surprised at how good she is now. Its a five star game.
  • Monster math facts

    By ManuelRBatista
    My daughter has proven that learning how to do divisions and fractions can be easy and entertaining. I thank the developer of this game for offering a tool to enhance knowledge. Five stars for me.
  • Awesome

    By tringoit
    Perfect game for kids to play and learn math, graphic is colorful and cute, gameplay is fun and addictive. Please add more game mode.
  • Really good

    By Divdasunder
    It's a really good way to teach your kids. Instead of a mindless game, they may actually have to think to do this one. Worthwhile
  • Amazing

    By Marcelrama
    Excellent application to make a fun and entertaining way to learn mathematics.
  • Very educational

    By mcoph838
    Nice math app for children, all problems are very challenging. Nice graphic presentation, really an improvement from the first Monster math, very fun to use my kids really like it. Nov 3: nice timing for this update, it happens that my son is studying fraction while my daughter is into geometry in their school.
  • Great way to teach kids math!

    By Selona7
    Nice app for kids to learn math: cute graphics and fun gameplay. It's easy to play and suitable for kids. My little niece loves it.
  • Great app for children's

    By Pawone15
    My brother loves this game a lot. It's a great way to entice children into learning maths . The characters are really funny and overall game play is really good . Great tool to teach your youngsters in a fun manner, nice. The new update is great , the app is a lot smoother and the graphics also have been improved . With the translation back learning will be more effective.
  • Great learning tool

    By fmobliv06
    A cool learning app full of fun games. The kids love the bright characters and games, and I like that I'm helping my nieces learn while they play. It's a great way to get them into gaming while they're young, too! (Mwahaha)