Hormone Horoscope Pro

Hormone Horoscope Pro

By Hormonology, LLC

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2016-05-01
  • Current Version: 1.18
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 11.66 MB
  • Developer: Hormonology, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
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• The official Hormonology® app that shows women what their mood, energy, love life, health and more will be every day based solely on where they are in their monthly cycle • The app Nylon Magazine calls "life-changing" and The Telegraph calls "overdue genius" • • • • • • This app will forever change how women with monthly cycles plan their day, week and month ahead • 100% private (no data is collected), no ads, no in-app purchases • Learn more about how your hormones impact you all cycle long and download free eBooks at MyHormonology.com • • • • • PREDICT YOUR DAY AND PLAN YOUR LIFE The Hormone Horoscope App "Pro" is an easy-to-use menstrual cycle tracker that gives you something no other app can: The daily Hormone Horoscope--a forecast that tells you what your mood, energy, love life, spending habits, sleep quality, health and much more will be based on the levels of your hormones for each day. For example... On Day 7 of your monthly cycle, rising estrogen makes you more upbeat, energetic, confident, adventurous and creative--making this a great day to tackle a big task, take a trip or brainstorm. On Day 18, rising progesterone saps your pep and makes you quieter and more cautious--making you prefer low-key activities close to home. On Day 24, plunging estrogen can cause a bit of moodiness and irritability--but, you're also burning up to 30% more fat when you exercise. Read full sample Hormone Horoscopes from this app at MyHormonology.com/hormone-horoscope-app-pro/sample-days THE SCIENCE As three key hormones (estrogen, testosterone and progesterone) rise and fall during your cycle, research shows they impact your brain and body in a wide variety of ways. Because your hormones repeat the same up and down pattern every cycle, the effects your hormones have on you also repeat the same way cycle after cycle--making your moods, energy and more easy to predict! HOW TO USE THE APP Tap the Settings tab, then input a couple of details about your menstrual cycle. That's it! WHY OPT FOR THE "PRO" VERSION? Choosing between the free Hormone Horoscope App "Lite" or this "Pro" version? In the "Pro" version you get so much more including... • Longer, more detailed daily Hormone Horoscopes organized in easy-to-reference categories, such as Mood, Energy and Romance • In addition to tracking your current menstrual cycle, the "Pro" app plots out future cycles--so you can schedule appointments, dates, trips and other activities based on where you'll be in your cycle months, even years, from now • The "Pro" app keeps records of all cycles you've tracked since using the app--which is handy for tracking cycle-related issues or sharing with your healthcare provider • Get cycle-related alerts and create your own custom alerts WHO CREATED THIS APP? This app was created by Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of Hormonology, author of 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods and Potential and a longtime women's health journalist. Her mission to educate girls and women about the many ways their hormones impact them so they can make every cycle better. WHO THIS APP IS FOR: Women 18+ who have • Healthy menstrual cycles • Menstrual cycles lasting anywhere from 22 to 49 days (your cycle CAN fluctuate in length from month to month) • Natural hormones (no hormone birth control) This app is not intended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, menopausal, taking hormone medications or hormone birth control or have a health disorder that impacts hormones, such as PCOS. This app is not intended to help users avoid pregnancy or become pregnant. FEEDBACK If you're experiencing any problem with this app, I want to know. My team and I work quickly to fix issues and provide updates to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Please send your feedback to Gabrielle@MyHormonology.com.



  • Very accurate!

    By Sawyer925
    This app is wonderful for PMS sufferers or people who are sensitive to hormone fluctuations. I suffer from PMDD and this app really gives me a heads up to why I feel the way I do on certain days. I am so thankful for this app and how it's helped me.
  • Life changing

    By mrsjcpreston
    It is rather amazing how spot on this app is! My husband has the app for the men. My marriage has improved really every aspect of my life has improved understanding my hormones and cycles.
  • Fostering hypergamy

    By Eduardo Benavides
    On the ovulation day, the day’s hormonal calendar describes how this day women are prone to cheat on their partners, and mentions that this can be kept secret. I find this disgusting. On the PMS days, the hormonal calendar describes how it’s recommended for the woman to send more clues (not having males guessing women between lines language) to their couples on how to better adapt to the cycle’s symptoms. I find this super disgusting.
  • Great Ap especially if you suffer from mood swings

    By md1849
    This ap is great as it confirms why I feel certain ways at certain times of the month. I take medication for depression/anxiety and my hormones have always effected how I feel. Now I can plan for it and focus on self care to get through harder pms days.
  • Love the idea, but whose period is exactly 7 days?!?!

    By Charlie_0328
    I cannot get this app to be accurate for me, ever, because my period is only 4-5 days. So every month, I have had to adjust what day of my cycle I'm on. The problem with that is the app just kinda starts over & any data before my current cycle is lost into grey space. It can take into account that my cycle length is only 24-26 days, but doesn't take into account my actual period is only 4-5 days. I'm pretty much over adjusting this app.
  • Do not buy

    By 697goldenA
    I love the concept I cannot log the cycle I had before. Am I suppose to wait until the next cycle?? Very disappointing
  • I don’t like read too much

    By Cjimnz
    I don’t like to read too much I am quite frustrated to read, I wish that diagram & pictures help me see and can see imagine.. can I refund? Please
  • Thankful but confused

    By mags777
    I was excited that so far this application has helped me keep track of when my period is due as well as my fertile days. With PCOS I have never been sure when my period would start unless I was taking birth control pills. Those pills aren’t really helpful when trying to conceive. I did read, in the beginning, all of the information about how I would act, feel, etc. Now i skim it to see if I should put my husband to work overtime in case I could ovulate that month. I think there is an issue with too much information & I really just want the calendar & a small description of what is going on that day.
  • Just got rid of this app

    By Cin1297643
    There is a glitch in the settings that doesn’t allow you to change the cycle length or start day. Every time I try it kicks me back to the calendar. I even reinstalled it but no luck. I’m going to find another app that actually works. It’s a shame because it was working fine for a few months before that.
  • Almost perfect

    By Tulsa2Dallas
    This is by far my favorite app for knowing my cycle and hormone changed. The only thing I wish it did was show each hormone level on the calendar day. For example, if I selected today it would show, according to my cycle, testosterone is supposed to be high, estrogen, low, etc. but I’m just really picky :) love it!!!