By ROLI Ltd.

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-12-18
  • Current Version: 3.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 109.11 MB
  • Developer: ROLI Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 3
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NOISE is a free app that makes music mobile, so you can sketch musical ideas anywhere you take your connected device. Using easy-to-learn gestures you’ll create beats, melodies, and songs with a diverse library of sounds — all on the touch screen of your phone or tablet. Extend the musical power of NOISE by pairing it with ROLI BLOCKS devices. A NEW APPROACH TO MAKING MUSIC A glass surface becomes unbelievably musical with NOISE, which lets you make and shape sounds by drumming the screen, gliding your fingers along it, pressing into it, and lifting off. You create music through intuitive gestures on a series of easy-to-navigate interfaces. A HIGH-POWERED MUSICAL SKETCHPAD Not only can you perform music with NOISE. You can also produce. Start by choosing from custom-made sounds that range from to string sections to crunchy hip hop basses. Record basslines and melodies as loops of varying lengths. Mix and match your loops to build amazingly multi-layered songs — all within the app. Then export your project to desktop studio software and refine your musical idea further. 500 SOUNDS — AND GROWING The ever-growing library of NOISE sounds include powerful percussion, sparkly synths, magic flutes, head-banging guitar leads, rousing orchestrals, and stunningly life-like acoustic strings and brass. World-renowned artists like Pharrell, Grimes, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Steve Aoki, and Rudimental have also created customized packs of their signature sounds. 35 sounds are completely free, and hundreds more are available through in-app purchases. ROLI BLOCKS TAKES YOUR MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL The power of NOISE expands when you connect to ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music-making system. Pairing wirelessly, NOISE becomes the sound engine for the Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block controllers. Apply the musical gestures you’ve learned in NOISE to the pressure-responsive silicone surfaces of BLOCKS — and be even more expressive. Watch films and learn more about BLOCKS on Minimum Requirements: • Phone 6 or higher • iPhone SE • iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro • iPod Touch 6th Gen • iOS 9 or higher



  • One feature needed above them all

    By leon0008
    Tap tempo. Playing with other musicians would be far more suitable if you could adjust tempos at any point or as the group accelerates/retards. The separate menu with only an option for selecting the bpm is almost useless live when songs don’t have a single, consistent tempo.
  • Very mixed bag currently, unfathomable potential

    By storeE8
    I cannot WAIT to rate this 5 stars, because it will mean basically 2 things are addressed: 1. SWAM instruments need to work with IAA - as it stands, you CAN record ‘lower-quality’ (still awesome) patches into GarageBand and retain midi editing, but NOT the SWAM stuff... AKA: the reason most of us sank some $400-$600+ into this system in the first place. I didn’t care about the seaboard for its quirkiness or physical attributes - I heard those breathy saxes and flutes demos, and there was no way I WASNT buying a seaboard block. They’re THAT INCREDIBLE. Everything else is bells and whistles IMO. 2. Bugs, crashes and hiccups. I felt like my iPad Pro was impervious to most of the things people complain about, but boy does NOISE and ROLI still have some work to do. I’d say of the 20 hrs I’ve spent playing with all my blocks and the iOS software, a good 6 of them was spent rebooting, offloading and reinstalling, turning blocks on and off, looking for non-existent troubleshooting forums, and generally pulling my hair out. GarageBand seems to have issues with Noise as a plug in, infinitely reloading and claiming you don’t have it installed. Haven’t been able to use it there for a week now, and a rep says they’re working on a fix.. The Waiting Game. Additionally, If you don’t play the seaboard for more than 10m, it’s likely you’ll lose connection or get audio glitches (reboot things, reload). The Lightpad M is cool, but equally as flakey. I’m not convinced my XYZ mode is working properly. Essentially: Play nicer and cleaner with 3rd party apps. Or make your horrible recording experience a bajillion Times better. It’s so clunky and off-putting, I’m convinced it’s just beta for whatever else they update later. So really, these two things/fixes are essential for me. And I’m sure many others. ROLI could be the next Pete Best, or Eric Stoltz, if you catch my drift, or they could be the next Beatles and/or BTTF franchise... it’s up to them. I really, really, really hope they don’t stay greedy with SWAM. (Edit: they claim on the website to have SWAM integration in the works... More waiting!) Overall, I think the teams behind this are amazing. A million props to end all props. But don’t screw the pooch!
  • Can’t play anything

    By Alenav96
    It’s a cool idea but mine has some bug where when I tap the circles to play a drum or something no sound comes out most times. Like 2 times out of 20 it plays a sound. Hard press seems to work. This makes it pretty much unusable.
  • 🖐🏼🖐🏼

    By Travissc
    You have to pay for it
  • App is Crashing During Play

    By BlkMarZe
    So this seems like a good app to me but it keeps crashing on me. I’m not getting disappointed Yet. But Noise crew please fix it
  • You guys FREAKIN' ROCK!

    By Cdavidshep
    I've been using the noise app, and the blocks for quite some time. I've owned a rise49 and a rise25 and used them with the app at various times. I get others frustration with the app, but appreciate that ROLI listens to the community and responds/reacts. Sure inter app audio and background music mode would be nice for use with AUDIOBUS, instead of just au support, but I trust that ROLI is doing what they can with an app that could run on a phone...(pause for effect because that's already pretty cool). A few people have written frustrations over SWAM instruments not working with GarageBand plugin. Did you know that the SWAM modeled instruments don't work on the few compatible Android models yet? That's because they are too awesome! The instruments literally are maxing out the IOS' resources and you're playing SUPER REALISTIC modeled ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS from YOUR PHONE! Hats off ROLI! Great app! No app is perfect, but this one is excellent and you guys FREAKIN' ROCK!
  • Crashes, can’t search in “Discover”

    By LV Trombone
    What use is the Discover tab if you can’t search the DB? Endless scrolling is a massive waste of time. I love the system when it doesn’t crash on me and I haven’t even started using these on gigs yet... makes me wonder. Maybe I need to use a computer instead of my iPhone for true functionality? That’s not how it’s presented to consumers!
  • Sub par at best.

    By Hijo de el Internet
    It's beautifully designed yet it lacks in efficiency, I was hoping it would run smoothly but after 3 or 4 days it started to really lag. Nonetheless it's nothing that can't be fixed or not, just wanted to share mah too sense bruhh
  • Love it but one issue

    By Glasses2014
    I really like the app, I have lots of different music making apps on my iPad and for chords and melodies I go to this app. One issue though for me is that whenever I have 2 or 3 melodic tracks going over a drum beat, it starts sounding all staticky and sometimes the static is so loud you can not even hear the other tracks. If this issue is fixed, it would make the app so much better.
  • Has a pop noise sometimes while using

    By teddy ngo
    It’s has a pop noise while I’m using the app. Only happens on iPhone though, not on iPad. Without the pop sounds then this app would be close to excellent.